How to Buy the Best Loveseat? The Ultimte Buying Guide

Loveseats – a design made by the Cupid himself! As the name suggests loveseat sofas are made exactly for you and your significant other. This particular sofa however can fit only two due to its design for couples to sit in the most comfortable position. Apart from the fact that they salvage a lot of space in your apartment, they also add a cozy atmosphere to your room. Loveseats are cute, beautiful and unbelievable, this is because it can also be used to create sectional sofas for your living rooms. They are the window to those fruitful time with your partner. The best loveseat sofas can bring about a fantastic change in your family life and home decor.

When you browse in the internet regarding loveseats, I assure you that there will be tons of options and you might even find it hard to pick the right one that suits your place. Here we will help you out through the selection process using influential tips and suggestions.

Best Loveseat sofa buying guide and reviews

Best Love seat sofas are for those lovely couples who want to make their home home

Key Tips to Buy the Best Loveseat Sofa

Just like almost anything these days, loveseats along with all the other types of sofas have evolved into greater heights. As the name suggests it conveys a sense of intimacy. So generally it fits right in smaller living areas.

The basic step to buy a good quality loveseat sofa is simple. You set your budget first. Then look for those specifications you require for the sofa. There are few important parameters you need to know about a loveseat (or a sofa) to take a decision in this area. We will walk through those parameters in the coming section.

How to Set the Loveseat Budget?

Budget for loveseat sofa

Set an Affordable and Realistic Budget to Buy the loveseat sofa

Loveseats are available in different price ranges. You have to be realistic and set an affordable budget. In fact the budget you set will be depending mainly on the specifications you’re looking for. Still, I would tell you to set a budget limit. This is a great idea to narrow down your options.

You have a wide range of options that extends from $200 to $3000. So setting a budget is important. You’ll have to set a spending budget so that you will not have the tendency to buy something that affects your wallet. After all, money is important, don’t spend it all on a sofa.

Then again, If you are capable of investing a serious sum, I would suggest a loveseat which is of a higher price, Why? Because better the quality longer the life of a couch. It is not always that you need to spend a lot of bucks to get the best loveseat sofa. If you’re capable enough to sort out the best sofas and have a decent time for research, with few bucks you can have the perfect loveseat fof your home. Obviously, you are going to use your loveseat to a great extend and if it is of lesser quality. Prepare to bid farewell to it’s extended life you imagine.

Takeaway Point : If you invest in a good loveseat it will serve you for years, but don’t forget nothing is immortal.

Know the Dimensions of Your Room and the Love seat You Want

For the best love seat sofa, measure your room dimensions

With proper measurements of your home, you can get the exact dimension of the perfect loveseat

I know people who bought a sofa which was too large to fit through the doorway and they had to separate it into parts and then move it into their home. So to avoid such situations, you must have a keen eye while selecting the perfect sized sofa for your living room.

This means the dimensions do matter. Just because the loveseat fits only two people it doesn’t mean that they all come in the same size. The size of a loveseat can range anywhere from 50 to 70 inches in length. So before selecting a particular loveseat, it’s important that you compare the dimensions of your room with that of the loveseat.

If you are not careful about the dimensions, the loveseat can take the entire space of your room. Keep in mind that whichever loveseat you select has to make space for comfortable movement in the room. It is important to measure the doorways and hallways as well. This is to make sure that the loveseat can be moved to any other desired location.

Consider the dimension of your room and the loveseat. Always think about the future need and requirement before finalizing the sofa.

Choose your Design

As I mentioned earlier, when it comes to loveseat designs there are like a ton of them. You can choose traditional or contemporary styles, that’s your choice. My advice here is to select the style and design that gives a great look to your home decor.

Most of the love seats you find will have a variety of features. The price of the loveseat goes higher with the increase of features. So you must choose a loveseat that has features which fits your apartment. Here are I would like to mention some of the styles and characteristics.

Club or English

This particular type of loveseat has round arms that curls to both sides. It generally has a tightened seat that is slightly rolled back. This traditional sofa has exposed legs with casters. If you are looking for something classy and sophisticated you can always go for a Club/English type loveseat.

Camel back Loveseats

The camel back loveseat has tight serpentine arms. They are high in the center of the resting area. Exactly like a camel. So that you and your loved one can rest your head together while watching that particular Romantic Comedy. The seats are generally tight and legs may or may not be covered with a skirt. It differs according to the brand.

Victorian Loveseats

Victorian love seats are made of various types of woods like rosewood, mahogany, cherry, walnut… the upholstery of Victorian loveseat has been often puffy due to overfilling and they have braiding which is frequently used in them. They also have ornate carvings, rounded segments, curved endings and scroll work. Remember, as the name suggests that it looks like something from the Victorian era, So expect a certain classic look. Victorian type loveseat is the perfect solution for people who are in search of something grand.

Mid-century modern Loveseats

Mid-century modern loveseats are different from above mentioned loveseats. They offer a very streamlined look and have straight squared lines. Their legs are low and exposed, which are usually square or cylindrical, made of wood or metal. It is the perfect sofa for a modern house and of course its clean, crisp lines make it suitable for traditional homes too.

Bridgewater Loveseats

Bridgewater type of the loveseat is elegant with its low set-back arms. At times they are also skirted and rolled back. Its classic style makes it perfect for traditional homes, but the neutral fabric gives it a stylish look and this is the best sofa to fit in contemporary homes too.

Tuxedo Loveseats

The arms of this stylish Loveseat are of equal height of the resting area. Their lines are usually clean and tuxedo loveseats are slightly flared at the arms. The unique design of this sofa makes it perfect for both traditional as well as modern homes.

Bottom Line : Go through the different types of loveseats. Choose the best sofa style that can be a great addition to your home decor.

Choose the Right Fabric

The best loveseat sofa fabrics

The best fabric for your love seat sofas should last longer and should be compatible with your home decor

The fabric of your loveseat is as important as the style and price of the sofa. It is easy to fashion the sofa with solid colored fibers. But if you choose a fabric with patterns it will not wear as quickly as solid colored ones.

We must always choose the fabric considering the use and comfort. If you have small children and may be pets in your home, be sure to choose a material that can withstand wear and tear like leather.

If you other wise have a tendency of spilling drinks, then you must go for microfiber, its durable as well as stain resistant. Wool also can bear extreme wear and tear, but just like leather they are also a bit expensive.

Right below, we will be introducing a few options of fabrics you may find interest in…

Chenille for Oversized Loveseat Recliners

This type of material is apt for over-sized recliners, sofas, papasans, and children’s furniture. They have extra weft threading and are perfect when it comes to comfort.

Cotton : Buy the best quality Cottons

Cotton is made of natural fiber and it is affordable. The only problem with this type of upholstery is that may wrinkle and the color slightly fades with time. But some cotton does withstand these problems. It depends on the quaity of the cotton.

Leather : You Know How Good they are

Leather upholstery is the most durable material for your loveseat. They are the most expensive ones too. Leather as a material is available in various structures like full-grain leather, top-grain leather, corrected-grain leather, faux leather Etc.

Linen for Durability and Natural Resistance

Linen is made from flax and is an extremely strong natural fiber. It offers excellent durability and has a natural resistance to moths, peeling and even abrasion. It is often mixed with cotton for greater elasticity. It is commonly used in parson chairs, traditional dining chairs, and tufted arm chairs.

When it comes to Fabric, consider who all are using the sofa. Consider the factors like wear and tear, how often you use etc before choosing the loveseat fabric.


Cushions are a major addition to the sofa which assures your comfort. Cushions separate you from the springs that gives the rebound to your sofa. So you must take serious attention while selecting the cushions for your loveseat

Here are a few things to check before purchasing such a sofa while considering the cushion.

  • Sit on different sofas before selecting one. Always go for the one which you felt was more comfortable in nature.
  • Try sitting in various positions to get the feel of the cushions. Check whether your knees perfectly bend or not? Or do you like the angles of the backrest?.
  • This might sound a bit weird, but you should try bouncing on the sofa at least one time before purchasing it. This is to make sure that the cushions are puffed enough and we won’t feel the spring while bouncing.

Cushions give you the comfort. Depending upon the comfort level you wish to have, select the best available cushions.

Frame, Tailoring and Springs

Frame, tailoring and springs are other quality factors that determine how good the loveseat are. You should make sure that the loveseat you buy has strong frames so that it won’t break. Springs and tailoring of the fabrics decide the longevity of the cushions and fabric. These are some of the minute details we happen to forget. Make sure that you don’t miss these three.

For a durable sofa, make sure you get the stable frame, high quality springs and well tailored fabrics

So, these are the main points to note before you purchase a love seat.  If we have knowledge of what we want, it is pretty much easier to buy a love seat which is perfect for our home. I hope I could help you out in figuring what you need.

Now let us see some of the best loveseat sofas. We have made an effort to line up the top 5 loveseat sofa every one of us can afford. The design quality, budget, comfort level, durability etc has been taken care of while finalizing the complete list.

Our Top 5 Loveseat Sofa Picks

There are tons of loveseats available in the market. What I have to say is that you should first finalize your requirements and then go for the available options. Here I have listed five best loveseat sofas you can consider buying if your main priorities are comfort and style. We have also taken the factor of durability in to account. Lets’ start!

Laurelton Textured Plush Microfiber Dual Glider Recliner Love Seat

Homelegance 9636-2 Laurelton Textured Plush Microfiber Dual Glider Recliner Love Seat

Homelegance 9636-2 Laurelton Textured Plush Microfiber Dual Glider Recliner Love Seat is one of the best loveseat available with comfort and stylish look

Available in dark brown and charcoal gray fabric covers, this loveseat sofa is known for it’s fabulous look and comfort level. The premium textured plush microfiber sofa features over sized arms with seats and backs in soft fabric, giving extra support and comfort level. The double reclining mechanism make it very easy to use. The hidden storage space it gives is an added advantage. This recliner loveseat sofa bed is for those who are looking for a soft sofa. It will be a great addition to your home decor. Thanks to the sleek and stylish design.

Serta® RTA Palisades Collection 61″ Loveseat

The best loveseat sofa : Serta RTA Palisades Collection 61 Loveseat

Serta RTA Palisades Collection 61 Loveseat is undoubtedly one of the best loveseat sofa for small living spaces

Serta Palisades Collection 61″ Loveseat is exclusively for the small spaces. This loveseat can be considered as the besst sofa for offices, living rooms, studioes etc.Thanks to the compact size, straight arms and trendy fabrics. You can completely forget the cleaning part. The material of the sofa is durable and easy to clean. This affordabe with its stylish look and comfort level is a great addition to your home decor. The loveseat features Quality hardwood materials for strength and stability. The pillowed back cushions and wrapped coils improves the comfort level and makes it one of the most comfortable sofa.

Signature Design by Ashley Darcy Loveseat in Cafe Fabric

Signature Design by Ashley Darcy Loveseat in Cafe Fabric

Signature Design by Ashley Darcy Loveseat in Cafe Fabric is an exciting contemporary style loveseat with great comfort.

With the plush upholstered sweeping padded arms, Signature Design by Ashley Darcy Loveseat in Cafe Fabric is one of the exciting comtemporary style loveseat sofa. A great addition to the home decor, this love seat is available in five different colors. The pillow back cushions, fixed back and cafe fabric upholstery makes this one of the best comfortable sofa without compromising the durability.

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa, Black Bonded Leather

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa, Black Bonded Leather is a Great Leather Sofa Bed

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa, Black Bonded Leather Review

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa is available in brown bonded leather match and chocolate textured plush microfiber. Considered as one of the best sofa for taller people, this loveseat features overstuffed arms, upholstered seats and backs with high density foam. Comfort level of the sofa is excellent. With the added reclining mechanism, a gentle pull sends you straight into your ultimate comfort zone. Another great feature is that you can transoform this loveseat to luxurious sectional.

Coaster Home Furnishings Sofa, Black/Dark Brown

Coaster Home Furnishings Sofa, Black Dark Brown

Coaster Home Furnishings Sofa, Black Dark Brown

Coaster Home Furnishings Sofa gives you the look of the classic Chippendale sofa. Made up bonded leather,  this piece features stunning diamond button-tufting and tall, rolled arms. The bonded leather upholstery of this loveseat is incredibly soft. Ultra plush feather down topped pocket coil seats ensure that you have the at most comfort. It also features attached seat and back cushions. This is the best loveseat sofa for those who are looking for both classic style and lovely comfort in their living rooms.

Got the Perfect Loveseat for Your Home? What’s Next?

If you make every decision right beofore buying the loveseat, you will have a wonderful home – a complete transformation to an intimate living space. Loveseats, when they are comfortable and long lasting, are where those fond memories are made.

Get the best loveseat sofa and add an element of wonder in your life. We have gone through almost everything regarding the loveseats. As I said in the loveseat buying guide, everything is important from the budget to comfort level. Make sure that you have the right decisions in all these areas and get the best sofa. You can rely up on the five best loveseat sofas I have listed above without any doubt. If not, the buying guide on loveseat will help you to get the sofa of your dream.

You can comment any queries in the comment section and I will try to answer them asap. If you happened to purchase any loveseat sofa following our guide, share your opinions. Let us know what we are missing and how good we are.