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Sectional sofas are the modern day innovation for living room comfort. They are the combination of two or more sofas. The best thing is that these combinations outclass the originals; they do pretty well with their fabulous arrangements. They are both expandable and modular. They are the answers to at most comfort and fantastic style.  These pieces of furniture can single handedly decorate a living room and avoid the emptiness. No doubt nowadays every family seek for the best sectional sofa for their living room. A sectional can accommodate so many people without consuming too much space of your living room. Yes, that is precisely why sofa sectionals are rightly called as the hub of every home. Now isn’t that great and exactly what you want?

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Best Sectional Sofa Buying Guide

Before We Start, Why Sectional Sofa?

If you ask me what is the latest trend in the sofa market, I would close my eyes and shout Sectional sofas!. They are now conquering the markets and minds. They are family friendly as well as a contemporary alternative for old and boring sofas and loveseats. The greatest thing is that these furniture are available in different designs, colors, shapes, etc. – a very good reason to become pretty popular. You can read about the top ten sectional sofas from here.

A sectional sofa can reduce the number of furniture you need. It can be used as a sleeper or even a lounge.

Almost like any other thing, a good sectional sofa can be considered as an investment that should last for a long time. A perfect sectional sofa is, in most cases, the answer to that best sofa in your apartment. So before investing in a sofa we must know out the absolute need and then purchase accordingly.

A sectional is made up of two or more pieces. Lesser the pieces lesser the price will be and. Most of us own a sectional sofa not just for comfort; they can change the look of our living room. But remember that how the sectional will turn out will mostly depend upon your creativity and imagination.

Sectional sofas are of different types and before you decide on your sectional you must educate yourself regarding the available options. So here we will give you information regarding the types of sectional sofas.

Types of Sectional Sofas

Most sectional sofas are made for our needs. Even though, they all differ in terms of shape, size and style. Sectionals can be classified based on their shape, their orientation and of course the material.

When it comes to Sectionals, these are the various types the market offers. They are “Right arm facing” (RAF), This is a sectional in which the arm will be on the right while you face the sectional. “Left arm facing” (LAF) is the one in which the arm is on the left side.

Before buying the sectional checking whether it’s “Right arm facing” or “left arm facing” is of paramount importance because by looking at the arm of the sectional we will be able to conclude whether the sectional fits the living room or not. Here we will see briefly about classification based on shape and orientation and it’s pretty easy.

Classification Based On Shape

Right Hand Facing and Left Hand Facing Sectional Sofas

Right Hand Facing and Left Hand Facing Sectional Sofas explained

L- shaped sectional sofas

As we can understand from the name, L-shaped sectional sofas are of ‘L’ shape. The sofa will fit perfectly to a wall or a corner.  If you don’t have a clear idea of your room while purchasing an L-shaped sofa, then you might put yourself in a dilemma because the side that goes on the wall is pretty important and if the sofa does not match your room then you are wasting money.

A separable sectional sofa can solve many problems regarding this issue.

U-shaped sectional sofa

As the name suggests they will be U in shape and they are arranged simply by joining 2 sofas to a middle sofa to form a ‘U’ shape.

Semi-circular sectional sofa

If the Television is placed in a corner of your living room, a semi-circular sectional  can provide a better view of the screen. It can accommodate more people too. But, they may consume a lot of space in a smaller room, congesting the living space.

On the brighter side, if you have a large living room there isn’t anything as perfect as the semi-circular sectional. So if you are thinking about purchasing one, then make sure it fits in your living room without creating room problems.

Classification Based On Orientation

Sectional Sofa With Chaise Lounge

A sectional sofa with a chaise lounge is a brilliant idea. It’s nothing but a sofa with a chaise lounge attached to any of its side either left or right. We can sit or lie down comfortably in the chaise.

This type of sofa is a bit costlier than the others. But we still can’t complain because of the fact that they accommodate more people and give huge comfort. Well, before purchasing the sectional with a chaise lounge make sure the side of the lounge is correct for your living room. Maybe it cannot fit if your room’s orientation does not go with the chaise.

For a safer choice, always go for a sectional sofa whose chaise lounge can be separated so that we can arrange it as per our convenience.

Recliner Sectional Sofa

Recliner sectionals are the ultimate example of comfort and relaxation. But they are also a bit expensive, why can’t they be? They are the premium providers of leisure. The higher and expensive models of recliner sectional sofas have a table and even cup holders in the middle portion between the recliners.

Usually the recliners in a sectional will be in the middle portion or at the ends. Sometimes a blanket, a cup of coffee along with your favorite Rom-Com is all you need in this recliner.

This type sectional sofa is very much comfortable and perfect for children and adults who don’t have enough space in their home to accommodate normal recliners or a big sofa. Click here to view more about recliners.

Sectional Sofas With Several Pieces

Some sectional sofas come with several parts. If you are going for something like this, you get the complete liberty to arrange the sectional as per your choice and imagination.

Such a sectional can fit into almost every type of living room as it can be arranged according to the size and orientation of the living room. Separating the parts make the sectional easier to move.

Sleeper Sectional Sofa

A sleeper sectional sofa is a blessing for homes which often has guests. A sleeper sectional sofa can be easily converted into a full sized bed. So you can easily accommodate your guests for the night. The Sleeper sectionals come in many looks and styles and are of affordable prices.

That’s all with the classifications based on style. Now let’s move on to the classification of sectionals based on fabric/ material that are leather, polyester, faux leather, microfiber, chenille etc.

Tips to Buy the Best Sectional Sofa

Once you know about the options in your hand, it is easier to choose which type of sectional sofa you need. Searching for a sectional sofa among lots of those best quality sofas out there is quite a difficult task and time consuming.

Keep in mind to make a list of features you need for your sectional sofa. Preparing a list will help you narrow down your choices. Choosing from the smaller number of options is always easier.

A sectional sofa as mentioned earlier is an investment for a lifetime. If we invest in the right product, we have invested invest wisely. So prepare to be innovative and most of all, invest quality time to find the best sectional sofa for your home.

Before buying a sectional sofa it is mandatory to pay attention to certain things for avoiding wastage of money. To help you with that we have a list of points one should consider before buying a sectional couch.

Size of the Sofa – Number of People on Your Sectional Sofa

In most cases, sectionals are for the living room. It is the sofa designed mainly for living purposes. We must have a general idea of the number of people we might accommodate. This will help us decide how big your sectional is supposed to be.

If you have a big family and you are looking for a sectional for your TV room, then you obviously need a bigger sectional sofa. If you have a smaller family, then go for a smaller version. You can consider those frequent guests too before making up your mind. It’s as simple as that.

The Purpose – Watching the Big Game or Just Relaxing?

Best Sectionals are great asset to living room

Sectional Sofa is the Best Place to Watch your Favorite TV Shows

The purpose of the sectional is another important fact to consider before its purchase. You can’t call it as the best sectional if it fails to server your basic purposes. Some may need a sectional for entertaining guests during parties, some may need it for watching that big game or some need it just to relax after a long day of work. For my case, I and my friends watch those rugby games in my apartment with a bottle of beer. It is pretty obvious we can’t have the same type of sectional for all these purposes.

A sectional purchased for hosting guests in a party must be in such a way that it favors conversation between them. Whereas, a sectional purchased to watch the game should be in such a way that everybody sitting on the sectional can get the perfect view the screen of the television.

So for parties L shaped or U shaped sectional will be just fine, but for viewing your favorite sport a semi-circular sectional have to be used.

Important Point- Does it fit?

Sectional Sofa Should Match your home style

Buy the Sectional Sofa Suiting Your Style

Sure a sectional will increase the number of people who can be accommodated, but the thing is it should not take up the entire room. The key is in making sure that your sectional leaves enough space to move around.

To make sure there is enough room to move around, you’ll just have to buy a sectional that suits the size of the destined room. For that, first you have to measure the dimensions of the room and you and decide the space you need to move around. Then you have to measure the dimensions of the sectional and compare both the calculations.

You have to compare your choices and decide whether an L-shaped sectional or U-shaped sectional fits in your room. If you want to separate the spaces and create an intimate seating area, then a curved sofa is your best option.

The Fabric – Contemporary Microfiber or Good Old Leather?

Well, fabric or upholstery is an important factor in comfort. So choose the fabric of your sectional only after cross checking all of the other important options.

In the case of fabric we cannot name anything particularly because the material which one feels comfortable may not be as impressing to another. The thing about fabric is that you should never give more importance to good looks.

Sure, you can buy something good looking, but just good looks may not bring comfort so try the sofa before buying it. For a long period, I would suggest leather sectional sofas. For the list of some of the best leather sectional sofas, you can check: Best Leather sofa reviews

Don’t Forget To Take the Sturdiness Test

The Quality of the sectional must be tested before purchasing it. A good quality sofa will always be heavy and solid. Try to lift the sectional sofa and shake it a bit, if it feels light and wobbly then you should go for something better.

Always go for a well built frame which is made of quality wood like oak and maple, or go for high quality ply wood. Settling for something of low quality will not be a great idea.

Other Important Criteria

Since the Cushions of the sofa is where we sit on, always go for the sectional with comfortable ones. Normally the cushions are filled with polyurethane foam. Heavier the foam filling the longer it will last. So to cut the long story short, go for sectionals with heavier cushions.

You need to check other aspects like the storage space, dimensions, how the fabrics are tailored etc. In this best sectional sofa buying guide, I have explained only those points which are exclusive for sofa sectionals. You should be aware of other aspects in depth before making the purchase. You can find those important points in our homepage;

Best Sectional Sofa Checklist

  • Measure the sectional right before you buy it.
  • Choose a type of sectional that fits right in your living room.
  • Choose the fabric which makes you comfortable, rather than looks.
  • Do not hesitate to sit on your sectional before you buy it. After all, that’s why you are buying it. Duh!
  • Comfortable cushions= Better relaxing experience.

Well, that’s all the tips we have on this matter.

Sectional sofas are the face of contemporary furniture and they are part our daily lives now. To own a perfect piece of furniture is like a dream come true. You should make sure that this sectional you buy is going to be the best sofa you ever owned.  So choose your sectional wisely and do not settle for anything bad. Have a great purchase.

You can always ask anything related to this best sectional sofa buying guide to us. We will try to answer them asap. Adios!

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