Best Sleeper Sofa : Buying Tips You Should Not Miss

A sleeper sofa is a long term investment. It is very much important for you to make this investment the right. To buy the best sleeper sofa, we need to be familiar with various aspects of a sofa sleeper.

The word sleeper sofa always brings an image of a thin cushion spread over a thick frame. Sleeper sofas have come a long way over the time and are one of the most comfortable alternative for a bed. But how do you know the one you buy is the best sleeper sofa? Most importantly, what are the key steps one should follow to get the best sleeper? This post will take you through various aspects one should not miss while buying a sleeper sofa. We have also made efforts to add some of the best sleeper sofas for your easiness.

Before we go further, have a quick look at our favorite sleeper sofas.

Sofa NameImagePro Expert Rating
DHP Emily Convertible Futon,Vanilla* Compact and stylish design
* Firm and multipurpose sofa
* Best sofa for small apartments
Coaster Home Furnishings 300321 Contemporary Sofa Bed* Extra comfort cushions
* Strong and durable build quality
* Classy vinyl material that will look great in living rooms
DHP Lodge Futon
* Excellent quality sofa for cheap price
* Click clack technology
* Best sofa for kids and school dorms
Epic Furnishings 10-Inch Loft Innerspring Springaire Microfiber Suede/Twill Cased Futon Mattress, Full* Traditional and classic look for living room
* Best for people looking for occasional sleeper
* Kid proof and wet proof fabric

It has to be said that sleeper sofa is not a comfortable word for at least some of us. Our past experiences with a sleeper sofa might be a nightmare because of our failure in finding the best one. But most homes require a sleeper sofa. A sofa sleeper will give your home decor an extra element of style and it’s a good place for our guest, and sometimes even the family to sleep.

If you are in a hurry and want to head straightly into the list and reviews of best sleepers, this is our Exclusive List of Best Sleeper Sofas. I can guarantee you that no single sofa listed there will disappoint you.

The best sleeper sofa is your window to ultimate comfort and happiness at Home

Best Sleeper Sofa is the door to Your Ultimate Comfort Level and Happiness

But I will recommend you to read this guide first and then make a decision according to your and your home’s need.

So, Why Sleeper Sofa?
Comfortable Sofa Sleepers

Comfortable sofa sleepers are a great asset to your living room when guest visit

As I mentioned earlier affording a guest room is not possible for everyone so we have to have an alternative for accommodating our guests. In such a case sleeper sofa is the best solution. Most of the time just because we don’t have enough space to accommodate our guests we may have to send them to a nearby motel. Yes, that is pretty embarrassing. A sleeper sofa is a remedy for such a problem to a certain extent.

It can facilitate your need for a sofa and an extra bed. If you choose right they will last for a long time. That is why it is very important to buy the best sleeper sofa for your requirement.

Before buying a sleeper sofa we have to know more about them. To help you with that we are discussing about certain aspects of sleeper sofas.

Important Considerations for Best Sleeper Sofa : Style, Mattresses and Unfolding Mechanism

The three main aspects one should consider for having the most comfortable sleeper sofa are the style, the mattress and the unfolding mechanism. If these three are right you will have the best sleeper sofa, when it comes to the comfort.

Buy the Sleeper Sofa which Suits Your Home Style

Buy the Sofa Sleeper that Matches Your Home Style

Buy the Sofa Sleeper that Matches Your Home Style

You have decided to buy sleeper sofa. But which one?

Well Sofa beds or simply sleeper sofas come in various styles like futons, sleeper chair, pullout couch etc. The key is in finding the perfect one for your home.

It may not be easy to help you out here. So let us see them one by one. Select the type which suits best to your home decor, space and need. The best sofa type for you should add an extra element to your home style. Find it, get it and have a great time.

Futon is the simplest form of sleeper sofa. In this a single cushion is fixed over a metal or wooden frame. When folded up it can be used as a sofa and when unfolded as a bed.

Futons are relatively small and fit best in small living areas. If you are a bit tight on budget then go for a futon because they are relatively cheap.


  • They consume very less space and come in relatively smaller prices.
  • They are available in so many colors and fabrics
  • They are easy to move as they are light weighted

Best suitable for: Small living areas

Some of the best futons available in the market are :

  1. DHP Emily Convertible Futon, Vanilla 
  2. Coaster Futon Sofa Bed with Removable Arm Rests, Brown Vinyl
  • Sleeper Chair

If you generally have a single guest at a time and do not have much space to spare then sleeper chairs are your ideal option. If you do not have enough space to accommodate a sofa and yet need a sleeper then go for a sleeper chair.

Each chair folds out into a twin bed and can fit your guest quite comfortably. They are available in a wide range of styles than a futon. But they are a bit expensive than the futon.


  • Does not consume as much space as a normal sofa
  • Fits a person quite lavishly
  • Available in wide range of styles and fabric

Best suitable for : This is the best sleeper sofa for small living areas which cannot accommodate a sofa.

You can have a look at the below mentioned sleeper chairs, if you think this is your sofa sleeper type :

  1. Gray Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed

A pullout couch is one of the most traditional styles of sleeper sofas. They act as a sofa as well as a bed that too available in any size according to our convenience.

They are available in different styles like petite, loveseat, casual sectionals etc. The most common choice among them is three-seater sofas, which can accommodate a queen size bed.

If you have a traditional home choosing something traditional will be ideal and pullout couch is perfect in such a case. They vary in prices as per the material and size.


  • Perfect for traditional homes
  • Available in different styles like loveseats petite etc
  • Can accommodate a queen sized bed.

Best suitable for: Moderately spacious living room or bedroom can consider buying this one.

Some of the best rated pullout couches are :

  1. Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed

Get the Most Comfortable Mattress for a Comfortable Sleep

Best Sofa Mattress for Sleeper Sofa

When it comes to a sleeper sofa the mattress is the most important thing. Let me ask you something… if your sleeper sofa doesn’t give you a comfortable sleep then why would you spend on it?? An ordinary couch will be enough right??

There are different types of mattresses and we have to choose something which makes our wallets as well as us comfortable. Here I am giving you some of the best options you have in the mattresses.

  • Cotton or Polyester Fills

Always check the material used to fill the futon cushions. Cotton or synthetic filed mattresses are of various thicknesses a good comfortable mattress will always be eight inches deep.

But the problem with these mattresses is that they shrink with time and will not be as comfortable as they were during the time of purchase. The key is in choosing high quality fills. But if you are a bit short on money these are fine as long as you puff it or refill it when necessary.


  • Comparatively cheap.

Best suitable for: Temporary sofas and cushions.

  • Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are pretty popular and are used both in sofa beds and futons. Standard sofa bed mattresses are only three to five inches deep and are very much uncomfortable. If you want your guests to have a comfortable sleep then go for something like memory foam or gel foam.

To be frank good foam always cost more and cheap foam shrinks fast. But the comfort they provide is mind blowing and the costlier ones gives the best sleeps.


  • Comfortable
  • Available in various price

Best suitable for: All types of sofas

  • Spring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are not an all-time favorite among the sofa beds. But they have come a long way as the manufactures give attention in the comfort of the user by adding thicker padding and coils.

The most comfortable one among these are always about five inches thick and will have a quilted cover. The spring mattresses are a bit noisy so if you want your sofa in a more public area then go for foam.

The spring mattresses are comparatively cheap and are okay for a night’s sleep once in a while.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Can be comfortable with extra padding.

Best suitable for: Low budget sofas which are not for constant use

  • Air-over-coil

The most contemporary option among the mattresses is the ones with spring mattress at the bottom and air bed at the top. It has got good reviews for comfort and its unique construction provides provisions for mattresses twice as thick as others. But when the airbed portion deflates, it’s nothing but uncomfortable.

So while using an air-over-coil mattress takes good care of it. They are pretty expensive but most comfortable among all these mattresses.


  • Very much comfortable
  • Thick mattress
  • Unique construction

Best suitable for: Every type of sofa

We are done with the mattress types. Now let’s talk about the various methods used to unfold these mattresses from the sofa.

Look for the Methods of Unfolding Sofa

Well there are various mechanisms to open a mattress and here I am discussing about the most popular ones….

  • Click-clack

Click-clack mechanism is mostly used in futons. It’s a very simple mechanism. You just have to pull the sofa forward until it clicks, and then fold it straight so that it’s flat.

Most commonly used method in the present time is the pullout method. Most sofas and sleeper chairs are designed in such a way that the mattress can be opened by pulling a handle in the lower portion of the sofa or sleeper chair after removing the cushions.

  • Power open

This type of mechanism is most suitable for people with mobility problems. This type of mechanism allows the unfolding of the sofa bed with the push of a button. But they are very expensive than the other types.

Points To Consider Before Buying the Sleeper Sofa

Now you are familiar with types of sleeper sofas, various fabrics etc but even though we know everything if we do not pay enough attention to some aspects then we may make some pretty huge mistakes in the purchase.

Here I am telling you some of the important things to check before purchasing a sleeper sofa. If you check each one these points then you will get a pretty good sleeper sofa which will last long.

If Your Mattress is Right Everything Right

As I mentioned earlier there are various options when it comes to the mattresses of the sleeper sofa you have superior choices like memory foam or gel foam or if a little short on money then you can go for polyester or cotton fills as long as they are thicker and fuller. The air-over-coil type mattresses are another wonderful option.

These styles and types of mattresses can add $100 to $250 to the cost of the sofa, so you must check which one you need before purchasing. I would always recommend a good foam mattress as they are more durable and will be available in lesser costs.

Measure Your Sofa before you buy it

Okay, this may sound weird but this one is important. Before purchasing your sleeper sofa you must always make sure that it is proportional to your room. i.e. even if we unfold the mattress in the sleeper sofa there must be enough space in the room for movement.

Before purchasing your sleeper sofa measure the dimensions of your room as well as your sleeper sofa with its mattress unfolded. Then compare the dimensions of the room as well as the sleeper sofa and make sure that there will be extra space for movement.

Click clack or good old pullout?

Always check the mechanism of the unfolding before purchasing the sleeper sofa. Make sure that there are no sharp points which may ruin your sheets always go for a smooth mechanism for pulling out the mattress. Frequently you have to use this mechanism to change from bed to sofa and vice versa.

Weigh it if you need

If you are person who moves your furniture a lot, then always go for something light weighted like a inflatable mattress. A sleeper sofa is something which contains a mattress inside it and will be quite heavy. If you are a person who lives on upper floor then light weighted furniture are best.

If You’re Going Metallic, Rethink!

If you are going to get a sleeper sofa of metallic frame then think about it twice…One of the best ways to avoid nagging metals bar of your sleeper sofa is to get a sleeper sofa with a kiln-dried hardwood frame.

A kiln-drying takes out the moisture from the wood which keeps it from cracking and warping over time. By purchasing a sofa with kiln-dries hardwood frame you can avoid the discomfort from the metal bars without suffering the cons of having a wooden framed sofa.

Sit on the Sofa while It’s Folded

You can’t have a uncomfortable sofa and call it as your best sleeper sofa. Always try out the sofa before purchasing it. Make sure that the sofa is comfortable for you and you are perfectly happy for it. A sofa is a piece of furniture we all use very often so it there must not be any compromises in its comfort.  Always check that the cushions are comfortable too.

Well if you get all these things right on your sleeper sofa then you have a pretty good sleeper sofa and once again remember a good mattress can bring a million dollar sleep and cushions do the same while sitting. As I said earlier it is not impossible to get a good sleeper sofa in moderate budget if you are well versed with your needs and options. A good research and following the various tips will get you the best sleeper sofa as per your requirement.

Tips for buying the Best sleeper sofa : A Round up

  • Never buy a sofa just because it’s good looking. Consider how the sleeper is beneficial to you. That is the important thing you have to remember.
  • Make sure the sofa bed is comfortable for you. Don’t go by any other’s advice because a sofa bed comfortable for you may not be comfortable for somebody else.
  • Decide whether you are giving importance to bed or sofa. Make any one your priority as per your use.
  • Fabric is important, go for a fabric which is comfortable for you.
  • Cushions determine the level of relaxation; go for fuller and fluffier cushions.
  • Considerations like durability, firmness, materials etc should be given due care.
  • Buy a sleeper sofa which completes the interior of your home. This is completely upon you. Going for a complementary colored sofa will have a great impact on your home decor.

Now It’s Your Turn !

Now that’s all with the tips for you.

you are all set for the purchase of your sleeper sofa. As I mentioned earlier sleeper sofa is something which is of multipurpose and we have to make sure that our sleeper sofa performs well in each purpose. For that we have to make sure that we have chosen the right sleeper sofa. I hope my tips and the information provided will help you do that.

Don’t forget to share your opinions below. You’re welcome to add any points if I have missed anything.

Most importantly, follow our tips and buy the best sleeper for your home.

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