Best Sofa Mattresses for Good Sleep and Comfort

Even the best sofa bed you have at home won’t be enough to give you comfort without high quality mattresses. It is always a challenging task to get a best sofa mattresses which fulfill all our requirements. First of all we need to know all the characteristics of a top quality sofa mattress before selecting one. Also there are different kinds of sofa mattresses available both in online sites as well as in the markets. So, if you are tired of your uncomfortable sofa mattress, get a new and stylish one for your home. Give your guests a great night’s sleep with a comfortable sofa bed. A good quality sofa mattress can transform your old back breaking sofa mattress into a comfortable place to sleep.

Best sofa Mattresses

Best sofa mattresses Reviews which will steal your heart

   Sofa mattresses vary in size, shape, color as well as durability and comfort. In order to select a perfect one, you first need to prioritize your views and interests about the sofa mattress you wish to buy. Sofa mattresses of different size and shape include king size sofa mattresses, queen size sofa mattresses, pull out sofa mattresses, twin sofa mattresses etc.

King size sofa mattresses

King size beds are usually found in master bedrooms. The frame is required to have a centre leg support besides the normal rectangular structure. The size of a king size bed allows for greater comfort and space, especially for people who are bigger in size. Given below are a few best king size sofa mattress and you can go through it.

Lucid Folding King size sofa Mattress

This amazing sofa mattress can be used as a comfortable, medium firm mattress, or it can be folded to create a sofa style floor chair. A half inch layer of gel infused memory foam on top of a 3.5 inch layer of high density base foam creates a soft supportive surface that makes sleeping on the ground almost enjoyable. Made of a durable material, the zipped cover is removable and machine washable for easy care.

This stunning sofa mattress is great for small spaces and it is easy to take with you for camping and for other travel purposes. This super lightweight mattress is fitted with handles for easy transport and it folds for convenient storage. This excellent sofa mattress can add a great touch to your kid’s playroom or give a guest the courtesy of a bed without actually having an extra bed in your home. The portable design also makes it ideal for hosting guests, travelling, dorms or studios.

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Sleep master cool gel sofa mattress

           This classy looking sofa mattress can provide you with all the comfort you wish. The one inch of premium gel memory foam combined with four inches of high density support foam ensures that guests will sleep comfortably on your sofa mattress. This wonderful king size sofa mattress conforms to the contours of your body and provides the ultimate support for an undisturbed night sleep. The latest evolution of memory foam, Bio foam replaces some of the traditional petroleum with natural plant oil, and includes natural green tea extract and all natural active charcoal to help absorb moisture, eliminate odors, and keep your mattress topper fresh.

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Queen size sofa mattresses

 Queen size sofa mattresses are generally put in guest rooms and smaller master bedrooms. The frame for a queen sofa mattress is required to have a center leg support besides the normal rectangular structure. It is better suited for two people or for somebody who is tall.

Classic Brands Memory Foam queen size Sofa Mattress

 This 4.5 inch sofa bed mattress is comprised of 2 layers of memory foam. The top layer of plush memory foam provides plush comfort and pressure relief and the bottom layer of dense foam provides orthopedic support and ensures the longevity of the sofa mattress. Memory foam reacts to body heat and conforms to the body’s curves, aligning the spine during sleep. This elegant sofa mattress will fold up inside your sofa and unfold as easily as a spring sofa mattress would. The memory foam conforms to the body, aligning neck and spine creating optimal sleep environment.   You could also use this amazing sofa mattress as a bunk bed mattress, a boat mattress, an RV mattress or a mattress topper. If you buy this particular sofa you get 3 years of warranty too.

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LUCID 4 Inch Folding Mattress – Queen Size

This unique 4-inch convertible mattress is great for small spaces, making it ideal for camping, guests, or dorms. This tri-fold portable design allows you to bring the comforts wherever you go. This super lightweight mattress is fitted with handles for easy transport and also easy to transport. This product can be a mattress, or it can be folded to create a sofa-style floor chair. High-density foam ensures that you won’t bottom out and the soft material makes sleeping on the ground almost enjoyable. When not needed as a mattress, it can be folded to create a sofa-style floor chair that’s perfect for sitting around the campfire. This fabulous sofa mattress is a great touch to a playroom, or can give a guest the courtesy of a bed without actually having an extra bed in your home. You can easily remove and wash the zippered outer cover of this mattress.

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Lifetime sleep products Sofa Sleeper Replacement Memory Foam sofa Mattress

This is a great replacement sleeper sofa mattress. This amazing queen size sofa mattress will finally allow you and your guests to get the rest they need. This fabulous memory foam sofa mattress is 4.5 inches. 2.5 inches of premium memory foam over 2 inches of polyurethane foam.  This comfortable queen size sofa bed can be placed anywhere in your home and I am sure that you are going to love it.

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Best pull out sofa mattresses

Pull out sofa mattresses can be used by pulling it out of another piece of furniture or out of the wall. Instead of keeping a sofa and a separate bed in your guest room, you can use these top quality pull out sofa beds which serve both purposes. That means you can use this fantastic pull out sofas as both sofas and beds. You can just pull the middle portion and you can use it as bed.  When guests are not there, you can use those racks for keeping your novels. Here are a few comfortable pull out sofa mattresses which I found useful.

Homelegance 4950 Daybed with Trundle, Dark Brown Bi-Cast Vinyl

This cozy pull out sofa bed can be your perfect day bed. It’s very easy to assemble. This modern sofa mattress has faux leather and bi cast vinyl which are of good quality and provide comfort. The baseball stitching on the cushions gives it a modern look. The magnificent dark brown color looks very good to eyes. The arms are straight and comfortable for rest. The trundle can be used for a bed by keeping mattress or it can be also used as storage for your favorite books. This amazing   sofa mattress can be the best choice for your reading room or guest room. And you get all these features for such a reasonable price.

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Storage Sectional Sofa with Pull-Out-Bed

If you want a best sofa which also performs as a bed and you have a good budget, but you are confused which one to buy, then this dark gray colored pull out sofa bed will be the best choice for you. The color can match to any décor giving the room a different look. The set comes with two decorative pillows with the set. The arms are smooth and straight. The size of this beautiful pull out sofa is also good enough for tall people. There are enough rooms for two people to sleep on it comfortably.

Intex Pull-out Sofa mattress

This vinyl made lovely sofa mattress is extremely cheap and a good option for you if you have a very short budget. It is very cheap for anyone to afford. You won’t get a sophisticated look to your room with this sofa, but for comfort and general use, this flexible sofa mattress is great. The air beds need to be re-inflated occasionally to maintain desired firmness. The backrest and armrest are comfortable. There are two quick inflation and deflation valves for converting to bed from sofa. This affordable pull out sofa mattress can be used in your living room, bedroom, and guest room. Your kids can play some board games on it. You have a swimming pool in your compound; this amazing sofa can serve you greatly for sunbathing.

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Wisely Choose the best sofa mattresses for Your Home

          I am sure that you would be having an idea of how to go about in selecting a good quality sofa mattress. Considering all the characteristics listed above, you can choose your sofa mattress and I assure you that you won’t regret later. If you have any suggestions, you are free to do so in the comment box.

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