Homelegance Charley 9715PU-2 Bi-Cast Vinyl Loveseat Review

I have been in search of a love seat for my new apartment for long time. I was not able to find the best loveseat for my apartment. That’s when I found Homelegance Charley 9715PU-2 Bi-Cast Vinyl Love Seat. This loveseat is undoubtedly one of the best sofas for living room. The reasonable price, great comfort and the stylish designs are the merits of this wonderful sofa. My personal opinion is that this is one of the most comfortable and affordable sofa suitable for any living space. I am extremely delighted with the product that I thought I would drop in a review here in bestsofaas.com

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Homelegance is one of the most reputed and sought after brand in interior properties and furniture. Homelegance brings out the perfect blend of style and comfort while meeting the common man’s expectations every time. Homelegance has indeed pulled out a masterpiece with Charley 9715PU-2 Bi-Cast Vinyl Love Seat. The tufted chenille upholstery is a perfect addition to your living space. Pillow top arms the sofa is available in brown chenille and golden brown chenille.

Homelegance Charley 9715PU-2 Bi-Cast Vinyl Love Seat, Dark Brown
Homelegance Charley 9715PU-2 Bi-Cast Vinyl Love Seat, Dark Brown is one of the best loveseat sofa

Homelegance Charley 9715PU-2 Bi-Cast Vinyl Love Seat Customer Review

We were a newly wedded couple back then and we moved into our new apartment a year ago. Setting up the house and adding that element of homeliness seemed a herculean task. We wanted the best furniture ; with quality and great look to create our ‘Home-Sweet-Home’. The most piece of the puzzle being the sofa to be placed in the living room in front of the TV where we spend most time together. Finding the queen of the sea among sofas was a pain in the ass until we stumbled upon Homelegance Charley 9715PU-2 Bi-Cast Vinyl Love Seat.

This loveseat is extremely good looking, stylish, modern and to be frank very addictive. In fact there are hardly any words that would justify its brilliance. It’s as if you go to office everyday only to experience the sheer joy of getting back home and sleeping on the sofa. My wife and I owe a lot of wonderful memories and moments to Homelegance Charley Love Seat.

One of the chief worries we had was whether we could get a quality sofa at a low price. We are very fortunate to have Homelegance Charley Love Seat and have no regrets buying it yet. Assembling part was easy and we could do it with not much difficulties. Although a helping hand would certainly fasten the assembly process. Moving it throughout the apartment wasn’t as difficult a task as we expected it to be. Yes, the sofa is easy to move around. You can keep it in your living room or bedroom as per your need and wish.

This is the favorite place for me and my husband. We think that this sofa is not as deep as a normal couch. So if you are tall, over 5′ 11″ and taller you would not find it comfortable. We also found it easy to set up, no tools needed. The cushions fit in place perfectly.  It was more firm when I first got it but has softened up quite a bit with use.

The skin is made of faux leather (bi-cast vinyl) and I ordered the dark brown, giving it a nice chocolaty appearance. The odor was satisfying but it is improvable. The cushioning is very soft and fluffy in all places and it is uniform throughout and therefore is devoid of any partial disturbances due to manufacture defects. The arms are provided with pillow tops which is a bonus because this allows you to lie down and read or work on the laptop or simply watch TV with your head lifted suitably sparing you the frustration of laying your head on the arms. It’s been a year of usage and the cushioning has not undergone sagging which is really surprising and impressive.

Homelegance Charley Loveseat has been consistent and in spite being non-adjustable caters to all your needs. From fancy guests, kids, to excessive gaming with your gang you can trust Homelegance Charley Love Seat. Guaranteed durability, performance and style are qualities that you are entitled to when you buy this great sofa.

Homelegance Charley 9715PU-2 Bi-Cast Vinyl Love Seat Review Conclusion

I can’t imagine a better option than Homelegance Charley Love Seat in a price range like this. Crafted to perfection, this sofa has no competition with regard to its design. You can trust it with any magnitude of usage and still expect it to look the same way you bought it. One of the most comfortable cushioning I’ve ever experienced. I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody regardless of age, gender or financial setup. No wonder many people rate it as one of the best sofas. If you consider my review helpful and informative please go ahead with the purchase. If you have any further doubts or insecurities, please do ask in the comment section below, I shall be more than obliged to clarify.

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Mid Century Modern Style Sofa Love seat Red, Grey, Yellow, Blue- 2 seat, 3 seat Review

Mid Century Modern Style Sofa  Love seat Red, Grey, Yellow, Blue- 2 seat, 3 seat is a great option to color your living room in great stunning styles. The stylish looking, comfortable love seat gives vibrant colors to your living room. This stunning and top quality sofa is one of the best loveseat to have – a loveseat for you and your loved one.  It is a lovely small 2 seater or 3 seater sofa which helps you make those perfect moments with your partner more special and memorable with a magic touch to the ambiance.

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All of us love to remain updated let that be in the case of personal care or home care. A person who really wants to be contemporary in the house furniture cannot turn their face from this sofa which is available in four different vibrant colors.

This sofa is available in fabulous colors like red, blue, grey and yellow. You have a wide range of options to choose from. Unlike other furniture manufacturers we are not sticking typical brown and black and their shades. We give you full liberty to furniture your living room or bedroom with your favorite color by giving you options.

Mid Century Modern Style Sofa Love seat Review

Mid Century Modern Style Sofa  Love seat Red, Grey, Yellow, Blue- 2 seat, 3 seat Customer Review

Before I start the review, let me tell you that this sofa is the best loveseat sofa for those small sized apartments. Mine was one like that and it was great to have this sofa.  I wanted a perfect little couch which is of a nice and cozy. More than that I wanted something bright which would brighten the whole apartment. Thanks to Mid Century for this modern style sofa..

When I browsed the sofas which fits my budget in the online sites I saw mid century modern sofa which was available in red, blue, grey and yellow. The blue sofa really stole my heart and I decided to take a blind leap as there was no other customer review for the sofa.

The look is very fantastic. You all would have liked the terrific and gorgeous sofa in its vibrant colors.  This was a treat to my eyes and its tufted button detail gave it a nice contemporary look. Its fabric is nice and soft and very much comfortable. It’s good looking and gives a sleek and stylish look to the couch as well as my living room. The tufted button detail is of various colors and it looks awesome.

The sofa has tufted button details and wooden legs which gives it a nice and sophisticated look. Along with good looks the wooden legs provides a strong and rigid support to the sofa. The nice quality linen fabric of the sofa is another great feature. The linen fabric makes no compromises in the comfort of the user. Along with fineness and comfort the texture of the fabric also aids in the good looks of the sofa.

The seat cushions of the sofa are very comfortable and I like spending most of my time in the sofa while I am at my home. I am getting tons of compliments for my sofa and I really love its color.  I made matching cushions and a small coffee table for the sofa. With this the overall my living room looks great. I think for this price the Mid Century style sofa loveseat is a very reasonable product for its price.

Ready for the Big Purchase?

Mid century Modern style sofa love seat is a good product for this price range. Most of all, Its stylish comfortable and nice. The main attraction of this particular model is that it is available in various colors which are vibrant and fun. The sofa is available in blue, yellow red and grey. The vibrant colors will give a nice and bright look to your room.

The seat cushions of the sofa are very much comfortable and give a soothing effect to the user. This great loveseat is one of the most comfortable sofa. Overall the Mid century Modern love seat is a great product in this price margin. So if you’re looking for something vibrant to add an awe element to your home decor, this is your perfect solution.

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Homelegance 9636-2 Laurelton Textured Plush Microfiber Dual Glider Recliner Love Seat with Console Review

Every home will have a living room where we can spend the leisure time and relax. And no living room is complete without a sofa. It should be comfortable as best as possible. This post is about one of the best loveseat sofa you can buy. I am talking about Homelegance 9636-2 Laurelton Textured Plush Microfiber Dual Glider Recliner Love Seat with Console. Yes, this is the perfect furniture you could possibly have which has got a recliner love seat and two cup holders. This is the best sofa if you are looking for a wonderful combination which provides for long hours of pure relaxation. The stylish look with the dark brown premium textured plush makes it one of the most attractive sofa you can think about.

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Homelegance 9636-2 Laurelton Textured Plush Microfiber Dual Glider Recliner Love Seat with Console is a part of Laurelton Collection by Homelegance and is available in two variants – textured charcoal and chocolate brown. It comes with a lever action double reclining mechanism and gliding motion when not recline. It has over sized arms, seats and backs. It is upholstered in soft fabric thereby providing extra support and comfort.

Homelegance 9636-2 Laurelton Textured Plush Microfiber Dual Glider Recliner Love Seat Customer Review

Let me tell you something very frankly. There was a worry factor when I ordered this sofa through online. But I was really happy after the purchase. This great loveseat was one was perfect buy for me and the assembling was not at all a problem. The entire thing came in one big box and the instructions were easy to follow and the assembly process was pretty easy. It was more comfortable than I hoped. The only problem I found was that the recliner part has to be at least 8 inches away from the wall. And also to bring the foot rest down you got to have a bit strong legs. The center console is great, so are the cup holders and there is also a smooth shining surface making it easier to clean without much effort. Overall it is great and really comfortable.

To be really honest I love this. My previous sofa was an older one which was over ten years and didn’t recline. The bottom part of the sofa is really heavy and it requires two or three strong people to lift it. But it is worth the effort as it is really strong and comfortable. The extra-long loveseat is nice as I can lay across the sofa without any discomfort. The hidden storage in the center console gives you a place to store few items, apart from acting like a good arm chair. I can’t say anything bad the price is reasonable and it’s hard to find something like this for this price.

How Did I feel using this Sofa?

It just came in a small box, and thus I was worried whether it would be really tiny. Then I opened it and back part was lying flat and just pop them on the back bars to connect them. It was really very easy to do, and I loved this feature as it could be taken apart to clean any spills, etc. The material is premium textured plush microfiber, which is really soft. The only drawback is that the leg part that reclines looks thin built. But still I just love it as it is so soft and pretty. So do my kids. Along with it the cup holders are a nice addition and the compartment to put my remote controls makes it even better. I would definitely recommend this to others.

Seriously I’m impressed. We just got this loveseat today and the assembly was pretty simple. It took less than 15 minutes for my husband and me and no tools were required. Everything was mentioned clearly in the instructions and we didn’t have any problems reading them and sliding pieces to its place. It is comfortable and soft. The console cubby is a lot deeper than we expected and we can keep several large game controllers as well as remotes. The cup holders were also wonderful. Recline was amazing and it goes close to flat if needed. The soft fabric and the very comfortable cushioned arms gives a pleasant feeling while using this sofa.

The premium textured plush microfiber is a noticeable feature along with the cup holders and console. The console is deeper and provides for more space. The price is also reasonable for all these features, which may be hard to find. Loved the loveseat so much. The only problem we had was it is hard to close. So I would suggest getting one with handle unless you are tall and have strong legs. But I hope it will become easier over time. The delivery was very fast and if it was not so hard to close it would have been very amazing. Still love it.

How is this a Great Purchase?

The Homelegance 9636-2 Laurelton Textured Plush Microfiber Dual Glider Recliner Love Seat with Console is the perfect choice you can have if you are looking for comfort, space and style. This is one of the best sofa for those who are looking for a pretty and soft loveseat. The oversized arms, seats and backs upholstered in soft fabric that stands out for this sofa. It provides the extra support and comfort one need. The hidden storage is another great feature to love this loveseat.

I would say, without any hesitation that this  is the best sofa for it’s reasonable price, comfort quality and of course the style.

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Serta® RTA Palisades Collection 61″ Loveseat Review

Are you looking for the best loveseat sofa for your small living space? Then I would say that Serta® RTA Palisades Collection 61″ Loveseat is the one for you. If you’re tired of your old and boring couch in the living room, then you can replace it with this loveseat to impress your colleagues and friends.  With this elegant piece of furniture in your living room,  you have got very good option to upgrade the ambiance of your living room and brings out a new outlook to it.

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This is a comfortable sofa which you can have at an affordable cost in your living room. With the unique style and compact size, this is definitely a great addition to your home decor.

The best loveseat sofa : Serta RTA Palisades Collection 61 Loveseat

A couch is not only a piece of furniture to decorate our living room, it’s where we sit and relax after a long day so it’s important that it must comfort our body along with our eyes. Serta® RTA Palisades Collection 61″ Loveseat fulfills all the conditions to be the perfect couch for your living room. This sofa set is specifically created to suite small living areas and often makes them feel larger. It brings functional style and affordable comfort to our living rooms. It is equipped with straight arms, trendy fabric and square espresso which only to make your evenings more comfortable.

Quality hardwood materials are used to bring strength and stability where as wrapped coils and pillowed back cushions offers a cozy seating. Its compact size along with the unique tool free assembly makes it perfect for your little heaven. This love seat sofa is available in six different colors like chestnut brown, fawn tan, flagstone beige, glacial grey, riverfront brown and silica sand.

Serta® RTA Palisades Collection 61″ Loveseat Customer Review

I have been searching for the best loveseat sofa for my studio apartment. I was not able to find anything fits well with my home decor. It was then I had asked my friend for suggestion. He recommended Serta palisade collection 61” loveseat. Till date I’m very happy with this fabulous sofa. I was startled when I saw the package and wondered whether I could assemble the couch by myself. However I could do it alone and it only took me an hour for the assembly of the couch. You can assembly without using any tools.  It has an elegant construction and the cushions have actual springs, not just foam which makes it more comfortable. There are even two throw pillows included.

You can find some of the best sofas here : Best Sofa Reviews and Expert Buying Tips for a Comfy Home

My main problem with the couch is that it’s not suitable for a tall person. Even though I am comfortable with the couch I am not so sure about someone who is taller than me. The couch has a bit of a smell but it dissipates fast. But you have realize that loveseats are not for sleeping. If you want a sofa of larger size, you can go with 73″ and 78″ sofas from the Serta Palisades Collection. The cushions are not as square as seen in the picture but a bit of pushing and fluffing will bring it to the right shape.

The couch is constructed with Velcro back and it works great like a normal solid back. The seat cushions and the back cushions are very much comfortable. I took a nap on the couch and was just as comfortable as my bed. I think those comfortable cushions make the sofa worth each penny we paid.

If the manufactures of the Serta palisade collection 61” loveseat takes necessary steps to decrease its smell and also to resolve other minute problems I discussed earlier then the couch will be above all the other brands in the same price range.

From the experience of using the couch for a couple of months I won’t hesitate to recommend this couch to another person who is looking for a piece of furniture in this price.

That’s It! Now What?

Serta palisade collection 61” loveseat is a product I would recommend to anybody without any hesitation. The customer reviews available online speaks about the quality of this wonderful loveseat sofa.

This couch is available in various colors and is delivered in a box as part which has to be assembled by the buyer itself. But it’s not a herculean task and can be completed in an hour. The fabric used in this couch is of high quality and it looks and feels nice. The couch is small and fits two people even three depending upon the people. Over all the Serta palisades collection 61” loveseat is ideal for people who are looking for a small elegant couch for a reasonable price range.

One of the greatest feature I liked about this loveseat is that it can be combined with any other sofa set to give our home a fabulous look. I did it and it was wonderful. Yes, I’m very happy with Serta Loveseat and in my opinion this is the best sofa I have ever used.

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Coaster Home Furnishings Sofa, Black/Dark Brown Review

Coaster Home Furnishings Sofa, Black/Dark Brown is one of the best loveseat sofa designed for those who is looking for a quality sofa along with classy style and at most comfort. Even the price is very less compared to other best sofas featuring the same specifications. This is one of the best sofa when it comes to the old classic look. The sofa features stunning diamond button-tufting, tall, rolled arms, and stately nail head trim.

This is one such sofa which can go well with your other furniture. Thanks to the classic Chippendale sofa style. From my experience of using this great sofa for around six months I would say that the mind blowing comfort offered by this sofa is the highlight. This is one such sofa that suits all your needs and elevate the appearance your living area.

Coaster Home Furnishings Sofa, Black Dark Brown
Coaster Home Furnishings Sofa, Black Dark Brown

A Chesterfield Sofa is one of those rare objects that can actually look better with age. Moreover it is something that gives you a luxurious feel in an affordable price.

Coaster Home Furnishings Sofa is a chesterfield sofa but designed according to the Chippendale Sofa with uncompromising traits like stunning diamond button-tufting, tall, rolled arms, and stately nail head trim.

The comfort and sleek feel put forth by this Sofa is very appreciable and durable.
Another feature of this sofa is that makes it an outstanding choice is it’s feather-blend cushions.

A beautiful appearance is gifted for the sofa by the bonded leather upholstery.

Coaster Home Furnishings Sofa, Black/Dark Brown Customer Review

Our’s is a family of four members. We’ve been searching for a perfect contemporary living room sofa that suits our house for the past two month. And we’ve gone through so many brands and types of sofa. But we were not satisfied with them.

We chose a dark brown sofa as we we fell in much love with the color of the Coaster love seat sofa.

On the first look, the sofa was mind-blowing with it’s design and color. The sofa is available in two variant colors – black and dark brown.

When guests come over and if you are planning to watch a movie together, this highly comfortable sofa will be a boon. If you have the priority for making a better and beautiful living room, you should not hesitate to own it.

The perfect cushion leads you to the pleasure that no other sofa in the market could provide. All the stitching are perfectly done with quality threads and it can enhance the outlook of it. The quality bonded shiny leather that used in the sofa will surely enhance the beauty of it. This sofa has a gratefully shaped back with uninterrupted seat cushion. So we always feel a good and relaxing comfort with it.

The classic Chippendale design of the sofa is becoming the hot-pick of these generations. Most of the people who are looking for a Chippendale designed sofa will surely love this most comfortable and stylish sofa. The major advantage of the chesterfield sofa is it is easy to clean. Yes, we clean our sofa regularly. And it easy to clean every corner of the sofa without any interruption.

One of our family friends recently bought the same sofa of Black color. When we visited their home last week, we had a conversation about the sofa and they told that they are highly impressed with sofa’s design and comfort.

However a chesterfield sofa can actually improves in it’s looks with ages. It’s natural and aging appearance can enhance a perfect sense of warmth and character to the room. This sofa works especially with contemporary and traditional look.

We found this sofa cope excellently with spillages, all it takes is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and surprisingly they are returned to their original look.

Till date we could not hear any quirky or disturbing noises from the sofa. But the funny thing is, when we usually takes a nap, often it ends up in a good and tight sleep.

Most of the sofas have an average life span of 8 years. But due to it’s design and building quality we can foresee that this sofa will be resilient even after a decade.

However, we can find some minute scratches over the sofa because it’s a leather fabric. But it is very difficult to identify it. Thus it will not languish the visual aspect of the sofa.

Without a second though I would recommend this sofa to anybody who is interested in having a quali

Is this a Great Purchase?

Yes you can go forward to own a without any reconsideration as it looks marvelous in it’s design. Another wonderful aspect that makes this sofa a desirable product is it’s affordable price than any other chesterfield sofa now available in the market.

Without any doubt, it is a baffling looking sofa that looks more expensive and luxurious than it is. It is very spacious and can allocate three people comfortably.

Hence I would really give five stars for the amazing design and comfort that it is offering.

If you are satisfied with what I recited about this sofa, you should not think twice to own it. Because it will be a great mislay if you substitute any other sofa with this one. If you still have any queries about this product, please feel free to ask it in the comment box below. I’ll assist you out.