Baxton Studio Orland Leather Modern Sectional Sofa Set Review

If the features for your best sofa bed is go-to for elegance and the trendy style, then Baxton Studio Orland Leather Modern Sectional Sofa Set is for you. This fabulous piece of furniture will take the whole decor in your home to the next level. Of course, it will be a pleasure to your eyes and it will also bring home new levels of comfort. Can be considered as one of the best sectional sofa set, it is very much spacious and can fit about eight to nine people quite comfortably.

The material is leather-like and gives it a contemporary urban look. It is extremely durable and a purchase of this couch can be considered a long term investment. To make sure every comfort for the customer the Baxton studio Orland leather modern sectional sofa is equipped with cushions which are filled with polyurethane foam which gives you a nice support to your back and helps you to relax.

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The cushions of the sofa are fixed in a wooden frame which is made of pine. That makes the sofa strong and makes it capable of holding much weight without breaking. It has a non-marking feet which makes it more desirable. The sectional sofa comes with a set which has two portions- the sofa and the chaise, which stands independent from each other. The chaise completes the overall stylish look of the sofa and gives it a nice finish. The sofa can be wiped clean using a mild solution of water and detergent.

 Baxton Studio Orland Leather Modern Sectional Sofa Set : Best Leather Sectional for Living Room
Baxton Studio Orland Leather Modern Sectional Sofa Set : Best Leather Sectional for Living Room

Baxton studio Orland leather modern sectional sofa Customer Review – The Face of Contemporary Style

I bought the Baxton Studio Orland Leather Modern Sectional Sofa Set about a year ago and I think it is a good investment and will last for at least a couple of years. I have a 3 year old kid and a very naughty dog too yet the sofa lasted for a year without any damage. The complete sofa set came in two boxes. It took me only 10 minutes for the assembly of the sofa and I was very happy with it because all the parts were perfectly complementary.

To be honest I was not expecting such a good sofa for $1000. It is very much spacious and can fit five people very easily. Its chaise is so good that taking a nap would be a great alternative from your bed. The back cushions and seat cushions are so comfortable and are so fluffy. The cushions are great to sit on and give you a relaxing effect. The back cushions are fixed on the frame and I think it’s firm. The back cushions are fixed on the wooden frame using Velcro and it can be removed. The presence of Velcro keeps the back cushions in its position.

The faux leather material is highly durable. It feels like real leather and it’s a bit slippery but nothing a sofa cover cannot solve. We can easily lie down on the sofa and it would feel like bed as it is so spacious. The legs of the sofa are beautiful to look at and contribute a lot to the elegance of the sofa. It is has got a non-marking feet which is an additional bonus.

The main bonus I felt is that we won’t sink in while we sit on the couch. Although the sofa is soft, it has a long life span. I have been using it for an year now and its not damaged a bit. Actually it still looks as good as new.

I am cent percent happy with my couch and I think anything with these many features and with such great value will not come at a better price than you can get this sofa at.

Ready for the Purchase?

I think Boxton studio Orland leather Modern sectional sofa set is the best sofa if you are looking for a long term investment for your living room couch. It’s a great sofa with stylish and sleek look and comes with great features for just 1000 dollars.

The sectional sofa comes along with a chaise which is separate from the sofa. It’s a great choice for your living room. For this price range a sofa of this size and comfort is nearly impossible to find. Also at a glance you will hardly find any serious issues with the sofa. The material used for the manufacturing of the sofa is faux leather and. Most of the customers are appreciating the performance of this wonderful sectional sofa. In fact, many are calling it as the best sectional sofa set they have ever used. The faux leather gives the sofa a contemporary look which will brighten your living room. With mild detergent and water solution, we can easily clean it.

The sofa set has large and fluffy cushions.  The polyurethane foam used for the cushions make the user more comfortable. The seat cushions of the sofa are attached to the base and cannot be removed. On the other hand, the back cushions are attached to the frame using Velcro and are easily detachable.

I think if you have a budget of $1000 then you should not go any other option other than Baxton Studio Orland leather Modern Sectional Sofa set.

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Bobkona Poundex Benford Collection Faux Linen Chaise Sofa, 2-Piece Review

Bobkona Poundex Benford Collection Faux Linen Chaise Sofa, 2-Piece is  one of the the best sectional sofa in the market. This is an exclusive sofa made for your living room. This is the best sofa available for those who wants to brighten their home decor to a new stylish and comfortable level. We all are always in search for the perfect furniture to furnish our homes. Our Home furniture reflect what we are in front of others. We want them not only stylish and elegant. Bobkona Poundex Benford Collection Faux Linen Chaise Sofa, 2-Piece is one such sofa. This sofa is available in ash black and Slate color. In my experience, this  is the perfect sectional sofa for your home in every aspect. This sectional is a real winner in every case let that be the price, the durability, looks or comfort.

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This marvelous sectional sofa is equipped with U.S patented reversible design, i.e. it gives you liberty to set up the chaise in whichever side as per your convenience. Unlike other sectional sofas it,s reversible design makes it more special and convenient to use. The manufacturers of this sofa made sure the beauty, strength and comfort factors are satisfied up to customer’s expectation by using selected microfiber faux linen fabric which lasts long. The fabric has a nice texture and it gives the sofa an elegant look.

Bobkona Poundex Benford Collection Faux Linen Chaise Sofa, 2-Piece Review
Bobkona Poundex Benford Collection Faux Linen Chaise Sofa, 2-Piece is a great sectional sofa

The sofa is very much comfortable to sit on or even to take a quick nap. Its cushions are nice and fluffy and give a soothing experience. Back cushions are also nice. Along with the sofa we get 5 pillows which make the sofa even more comfortable and stylish.

Bobkona Poundex Benford Collection Faux Linen Chaise Sofa, 2-Piece Customer Review

My family just moved into a new town and I was searching for the perfect sofa for our new apartment. Our apartment’s living room is pretty big and I needed something big and stylish to decorate the same. Another concern was that I needed something which fits five to six people easily. Even though my family is a small one consisting of only three members me, my husband and my son we often have guests from our old place and our new friends and neighbors.

I was searching for the perfect couch before the movement itself. I went through a lot of catalogs and I personally went to furniture shops but I could not find something which amazed me. All the sofas I liked were either out of the budget or not suitable for my apartment. My friend recommended this online site. I was not so sure about a purchase of furniture from an online site yet I decided to give it a chance. I browsed through various sites for days and finally found Bobkona Poundex Benford Collection Faux Linen Chaise Sofa, 2-Piece sofa set.

I fell in love with this sofa the moment I saw it and was so sure that it will be perfect for my new apartment’s living room. Even though I really liked the sofa I was pretty concerned about the quality and was afraid that it would not look the same in person. Keeping all my concerns at bay I ordered it. It was delivered in two big boxes and they were pretty big. But the delivery guys were kind enough to help me bring it into the apartment.

The assembly had to be done by myself. But it was very easy. The chaise and the sofa were packed in two different boxes. The instruction for the assembly was provided inside the box and it was pretty easy. I unpacked all parts first and assembled it then. I could finish the assembly of the couch within ten minutes. The pillows we get along with the sofa are really pretty but I don’t think I like them much. They are pretty firm and not that comfortable.

I think they are part of the sofa just because they increase the beauty in my case they do not do any other job. My sofa when placed independently makes a weird sound and move backwards as I lean against it. So I placed  it against the wall and the sound and movement stopped. There are times when the sofa is having a problem in standing independently. But don’t worry; we solved it by leaning the sofa against the wall. Ever since no such issue has happened.

Bobkona Poundex Benford Collection Faux Linen Chaise Sofa, 2-Piece is very much comfortable and I like it very much the seat cushions and back cushions are so fluffy and comfortable. It’s really helpful to relax after a long day at work. My husband as well as my son love the sofa and thinks it’s great. The material of the sofa is so stylish and durable I think this couch is in our home for a long run. I think for such a low price this sofa is a good choice.

Review conclusion

Bobkona Poundex Benford Collection Faux Linen Chaise Sofa, 2-Piece is a great product for its price. The bobkona poundex Bedford collection gives the user the liberty to attach the chaise whichever side they want. The sofa is pretty contemporary in style. The sofa is of ash back color and comes with five pillows. The pillows are a bit firm and not that comfortable but they sure do make the sofa much prettier. After all we all love those pretty pillows in our sectionals.

The back cushions and the seat cushions of the sofa are comfortable. They give a relaxing effect to the person sitting on it. Overall this is one of the best sofa in the sectionals. You can consider buying it for its supreme comfort level . We, think this sofa will be a great buy for those homes where lot of guests come regularly or for family with more than three members.

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Samuel Sectional by Coaster Furniture Review

Not everyone is comfortable with shopping online. You are prone to be skeptical even after a couple of purchases. One thing you will always be doubtful of will be-Is the product as good as they say it is? My friends always ask me how I always manage to buy quality furniture from online sites. Most of them are very afraid to buy furniture from online sites because they fear for the quality and build of the product. But I bought Samuel Sectional by Coaster Furniture from online and still it is one of the best buy from my side. Of course, this is the best sectional sofa I have ever bought.

If you ask me the secret to buying the best sofas or any other furniture for that matter from internet is to focus on the brand and quality of the product rather than price of the product. Many people make the mistake of focusing on price while shopping online and end up with cheap low quality products. On the other hand, when you focus on quality you will surely get the best product in the market even if you have to pay a bit more than you intended.

Samuel Sectional by Coaster Furniture
Samuel Sectional by Coaster Furniture is one of the best sectional sofa

If I were looking for a cheap sectional sofa, there were many other choices in the market that I could go for. But my focus was always to buy the best that I can afford. So I ended up buying it and I’m perfectly happy with the purchase.

Sectional by Coaster Furniture Customer review

So what’s so great about this sofa set?

The greatest thing about Samuel Sectional  is its looks. For me it was love at first sight. As soon as I saw the photo this awesome sofa, I was floored. The elegant design, hardwood frame construction and clean stitches just oozed elegance and class.

I made the decision right away to purchase the this sofa but I went through some reviews first to make sure that the product was as good as it looked in the photos.

Most of the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Customers were really impressed with the sinuous spring base of the sofa. After using the sofa for sometime I also feel the same. Sitting on this sofa is a pleasure. The pocket coil cushions are the other thing that adds value to this amazing product.

The build of the sofa is just incredible. Hardwood frame construction is highly durable while baseball stitching provides additional strength to the 100%bonded leather finish of the sofa. I would recommend you to buy this sofa just for its 100% bonded leather finish.

With a size 91 x 91x 36, this is a big piece of furniture. So make sure that your room has enough space to fit this. Also you will have to assemble the piece yourself. If you want to buy the best sofa with these features, you will have to shell out few bucks. For this price you will get 2 Loveseats, 1 Corner and 1 Armless chair.

If you want you can also purchase the matching Ottoman that is separately available with this. You could also leave out the arm less chair if you don’t need it.

I can guarantee you that you will not find a better Contemporary Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa in the market at this price range.

Is this a Great Purchase?

In short Samuel Sectional by Coaster Furniture is one of the best sectional sofas available in the market and is brought to you by one of the best sofa manufacturing names in the industry. This piece of furniture will surely be an awesome addition to your living room. So you can go right ahead and buy this wonderful sofa set.

This sectional is both elegant and functional and the right choice for you if you are looking for a high quality Sectional Sofa.

If you have any questions or concerns you can ask them in the comments section below. Please also share your thoughts on the product if you are a user of of this sectional sofa.


Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set Review

Looking for a sectional sofa set that can be changed from right to left with ease? What if the sofa is great in it’s design and quality? I’m talking about one of the best sectional sofa : Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set. The great news about this sofa is that it is a great addition to your living room with the stunning look and it is also available in various color variants. The comfort this sofa gives doesn’t have any closer rivals at a this price level.

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It is a reversible 3 piece sectional sofa set which includes 2 – person sofa, L/R – reversible chaise and a 32 x 24 inch ottoman. It is made from hardwood frames and upholstered in durable, stain-resistant microfiber. The seat cushion comes with spring coils for better support and quality poly fiber is filled in 3 back cushions. It also comes with 2 accent pillows – brown and zebra print pillows, assembled 65 x 30 inch chaise and 53 x 34 inch sofa stand 35 inches high. The product dimensions are: 17 x 38 x 31.5 inches and weighs 180 pounds.

Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set Review
Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set is One of the Best Sectional

Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set Customer Review

This is first couch I bought from online and I am I’m very happy with it. Even though the color was not up to my expectations, the couch was incredibly comforting and I fall asleep on it almost every night. I got it a couple of weeks ago. Its comfort really has no comparison.

Two things that attracted me to buy this couch was its price and its size and I’m excited that I did go with the purchase without hesitating. It is a perfect fit for my living room and adds a classy style to the house. The assembly of the couch was surprisingly easy for me. I followed the instructions to put together the chaise, and after that the other part was a piece of cake and took me only 40 minutes to complete. Loved the pillows and the microfiber.  It’s so adorable and cozy.

I’m quite ecstatic to have found such a wonderful product at such a low price. Because I am a college student I have a lot of homework to do and the chaise part is perfect for me to lounge on while doing my homework. The cushions are firm from being packed and delivered but I am sure it will soften after using it for a while. Even if it doesn’t, I don’ think it will matter because the couch is very much a keeper. And the extra ottoman is perfect to be used as footrest or as an extra pair of seating when you are having guests.

In spite of being not so cushion it does not feel any less comfortable than the cushion sofas out there. It may not be comfortable for extended use like overnight sleep, as the chaise side is a little springy. But, more often my son and I fall asleep on it. It is easier to clean as the fabric is made from stain resistant microfiber. So, it could be wiped clean by using a cloth piece.

The couch was easy to install and was looking nicer than expected. The amazing thing about it was the set up can be easily changed. There was also a fast tool which came in handy. Possibly what more need someone wish for this price?. It includes a reversible chaise and ottoman which can be used as a footrest. Am a bit embarrassed to say that I often fall asleep on this couch and I love it.

The mesh is good too. The cushions are spring cushions and that’s not what I expected. But the better things were the chaise and ottoman. The drawback is that the instructions are hard to follow unlike assembling the couch. And it took me a while to get the couch together in one piece along with the chaise and ottoman. But it was worth my money and three average sized people fit in the couch.

The delivery was great. It was delivered a day earlier than expected. It was really easy to assemble and it was perfect for small size apartment. This is thing is long and firm enough to be used as a sleeping couch. Even though the pillows don’t match it is not much of a problem and there is this ottoman which is great.

I’m happy to say that I have been using this for the past 6 months continuously. I would recommend this to someone with a small size apartment or someone with a guest room as it fits perfectly in it. It’s worth the price. The couch was very easy to put together and thanks to the stain restrain microfiber the material washes well and don’t get dirty easily. The cushions are comfy but they are firm. The only problem is that the cushions can’t be turned over.

What’s Next? Want to Purchase this Sectional?

The Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set is a really amazing item. It comes in a multitude of variants made up of stain resistant and smooth microfiber. It is a 3 piece sectional sofa set and gives your room a classy and stylish look.

It comes with 2 person sofa, a L/R reversible chaise and an ottoman. It is made from hardwood frame and the seat cushions have inner spring coils for support. Two accent pillows are also included. Overall it is a good furniture for living rooms and guest rooms and will be worth the money.

If you are looking for that comfortable modern contemporary sectional for furnishing for your home this is the best sofa you can get at this price. So what are you waiting for? Buy the sofa and tell us how you feel about it and if our review helped you are not. Also check out our other reviews and buying guides if you have any doubts.

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