Epic Furnishings 10-Inch Loft Innerspring Springaire Microfiber Suede/Twill Cased Futon Mattress, Full Review

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Bobkona Soft-Touch Reversible Bonded Leather Match 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set Review

Are you searching for that perfect piece of sectional for your home ?  This article is about one of the best sectional sofa I have used and it is Bobkona Soft-Touch Reversible Bonded Leather Match 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set, Espresso. I was looking for a good quality sectional leather sofa to fit into my apartment and that’s when I found this Bobkona Soft-Touch Reversible Bonded Leather Sofa Set.  Though I was little confused before ordering, I am very happy with this sofa now. Most importantly, I am in a good position to rate and review this fabulous sectional after using this sofa for more than one year. I would say that that this is one of the best sectional sofa for those who are looking for something durable in their living room.

Sofa is something which a guest first sees while coming to your home. Yes, a sofa is sort of an identity. Nobody wants to bend our head in front of the friends and other guests. This is one such sofa set you can buy which won’t let you down when guests come to your home. Bobkona Soft-Touch Reversible Bonded Leather Sofa Set is one such handsome sofa, which also includes 3-person sofa reversible chaise. The 38-inch-by-26-inch storage adds to it’s diverse quality.

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This Bobkona reversible leather sectional is from Poundex. They are known as one of the best sofa brand when ti comes to the sectional sofas.

Bobkona Soft-Touch Reversible Bonded Leather Sofa Set Customer Review

Before starting the review, let me tell you this is a fantastic buy and I’m super pleased with our purchase. Moreover, the value I got for the price is amazing. The day after I ordered I had a little anxiety and compared the cheap sectionals at area furniture stores that cost a couple hundred dollars more. They all had something wrong with them or were ugly and uncomfortable, and either didn’t include an ottoman or their version didn’t open. I had bought the Espresso color variant. The other color you can have is White; it will suit best to white interiors.

This corner sectional sofa is mainly made of leather which is quite durable and is bonded. The leather matches the upholstery over the hardwood frames giving it a classic look. It also comes with a detachable armrest. The couch is available only in espresso.

The comfort level is very good. You won’t feel anything bad about it. Thanks to the pocket inner sprig coils. This supportive seat cushions also help in maintaining the material inside. Both the seat and the back cushions are filled with good quality fiber. I can sit on this sofa for any time without any strains. The materials makes it easy for your back.

There is a word of caution for you. You have to understand the leather the sofa has is of bonded leather. You’re not supposed to take it as the best leather sofa; it is just a bonded leather sofa and handle it with care. Don’t spill your food or oil item over it. The chance is that the sofa may get damaged. This is the same case with almost all the bonded leather sofas.

Just like all the best quality sofas, this sofa also requires home assembly. All the cushions, accessories, hardware, and tools are packed under fabric flap in base frames. The sofa in whole includes 2 accent pillows, a assembled 84-inch-by-34-inch chaise and a 78-inch-by-34-inch sofa stand that is 35 inches high. But don’t worry, the price is very very reasonable.

The last one year of using this sofa makes me tell you that this is a fantastic and affordable way to update the embarrassing and uncomfortable hand me down furniture at home. I have, with this sofa, completely upturned the look of my living room.

Coming to the assembly part, it won’t take much time to assemble the sofa. Normally people take around half an hour with little or no experience in the assembling of sofas.  The feet of the sofa are made of plastic. But don’t worry, it won’t be visible to the naked eye after the assembling part. I knew this even before purchasing and it was not a big concern for me.

Another great feature I liked about this sectional is that it comes with couple of throw pillows. They might look  ugly to some, but I tell you they are surprisingly comfortable.

What’s Next? Buy it for a Stylish and Durable Sofa

In my experience, Bobkona Soft-Touch Reversible is in every way a good purchase. I would tell that this is the best sofa you can buy at this price. The product is produced by one other than Poundex ; one of the best Sofa manufacturing names you can find in the home furnishing business. It will fit perfectly into an average sized bedroom or a living room and will look absolutely magnificent in a spacey room. This is the best sectional sofa for those who want to use it temporarily.

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Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa, Black Bonded Leather Review

The Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa is an answer to your dreams of an elegant interior. It is certainly one of the best sofa available in the market, on an affordable price. With no compromise on quality, the three seater sofa can benefit for a long time. The Cranley Collection seating area of the Sofa is covered in bonded leather and side area is covered in faux leather. It has overstuffed arms, seats and backs, emphasizing the effort Homelegance has put on this sofa.  With the quality and the stylish design, as you can see in the pictures, this is one of the best recliner for your living room. You can give a try.

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Operation of the sofa is simple as the reclining mechanism works on lever action. Corner wedge is there to transform this versatile seating collection into a luxurious sectional. The upholstery is done with high-density foam, which ensures comfortable sitting. The assembled sofa measures: 68’’ x 83’’ x 39’’. The Selections are available in brown bonded leather match (9700BRW-1, 9700BRW-2, 9700BRW-3) and chocolate textured plush microfiber (9700FCP-1, 9700FCP-2, 9700FCP-3).

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa, Black Bonded Leather is a Great Leather Sofa Bed
Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa, Black Bonded Leather Review

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa, Black Bonded Leather Customer Review

It is not every day that you buy a sofa.  It must not be an impulse decision that must be followed while purchasing a furniture which you regularly use. Deciding the type of sofa you need, may consume a lot of time and effort. When you need a sofa which is stylish, durable and worthy of the price, you may be confused as to where to look out for the product. I was always hesitant to buy furniture online. I always wanted to feel the texture and sturdiness before I get the product. My search for a reclining sofa in the furniture shops ended up with dull products or sometimes no option at all. Also, they were high-priced.

My Online hunt for a comfortable reclining sofa concluded with this Black Bonded Leather sofa. While searching for a good quality, low priced recliner sofa, it was by chance that I came across the product. The decision to buy the best sofa available, made my living room look stylish and gave me comfort and convenience, but with a cheap price.

I was astonished as the product reached my doorstep within five days of placing the order. Even though my apartment is in the first floor, the delivery man brought the product without any hesitation. I offered him a helping hand as I was eagerly waiting for the sofa.

The whole package comes disassembled. The back and the back arm shoulder are the only two things needed to be fixed. No tool is needed for this. Within ten minutes of its arrival the sofa was assembled referring the instructions and placed in my living room.

The smooth transition to a recliner without any physical exertion is the highlight of the product. It is easy to operate. Much space is not needed behind the sofa to recline it completely. When reclined, all it takes is a few more inches behind the seat.

It is more than three years since I bought the Homelegance Sofa. Even though the material looks quite thin, and delicate, I assure you that it is durable. Even when the kids at home do mischief on the sofa, it endures them. The black bonded leather stuff and the faux leather covering in the sides, helps in defending itself from the damage.

The high density foam helps in providing comfort while sitting and lying down. It is refreshing to lie down on it, with proper headrest and supporting space for the leg. Everyone at my home love to take a nap on the sofa. I usually prefer the sofa over my bed while reading.

Undoubtedly, this is the best one in providing a cosy space when you want to relax at a stretch. But sometimes, it is difficult when someone higher than 6’2’’ tries to include his whole body into the sofa.Since reclining and returning back to the normal position is easy, we frequently put it in both ways. Also, Rearranging the sofa or shifting it from one room to another is not a big issue. The vinyl leg holdings fastened to the sofa legs makes it easy to drag without scratching the floor. The whole sofa, is not that heavy too. It weighs around 139 pounds only.

My house interior has a contemporary look the sofa looks great in it. Even though I purchased the sofa for my living room, I sometimes move it to the balcony. The easy to move structure helps in rearranging the furniture and give my living space a different look once in a while.

Though the sofa is a three seater, the middle one doesn’t recline. It has not created any inconvenience so far. The reclining mechanism itself seems robust enough and I have not had any issues with anything breaking down as of yet. Another salient feature is that, it is very easy to clean and care the vinyl. Its saves your time and helps in keeping the interior tidy.

I never had to regret my decision to buy this sofa.

Watch the Video Review of the Sofa

Below is the video review of the recliner.

What’s the Great News?

The Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa is an excellent, comfortable sofa at a low price recliner. It is a great option to relax. The reclining feature is unquestionably the highlight of the sofa. This feature can ensure a comfortable position to rest and help in stretching your body.

It is more suited for a living room or a TV room. Look and feel of the sofa is wonderful. Whether your interior is traditional or contemporary, this sofa will endorse it. The classy look adds elegance to your interior. The black bonded leather or brown bonded leather or chocolate textured plush microfiber, can be chosen. The dark shade and the durable leather can resist damages caused by casual handling.

The sofa is well built. But, if you have pets living with you, then I can give no assurance regarding the life of your sofa. The leather though durable, may not withstand the scratches and bites of your pet. Its better if you can avoid them getting in contact with the sofa.

This single piece of furniture changed the whole face of my interior. If you are in the market for a low cost sofa with great features and durability look no further!

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Coaster Futon Sofa Bed with Removable Arm Rests, Brown Vinyl Review

First thing first! If you are looking for a sleeper sofa which is both comfortable and beautiful, then Coaster Futon Sofa Bed with Removable Arm Rests is for you. This is one of the best sofa bed available on a medium budget that looks very classy. The comfort level it offers is fabulous and people who have bought the product are happy with the futon. Those people who are looking for a comfortable and beautiful sofa bed for few dollars can give a try. 

In my personal opinion, Coaster Futon Sofa Bed is the right choice for you if you are looking for a sofa that can also function as a bed when necessary. This sofa bed can even fit into small rooms. They are cheaper than you would expect. It is certainly the best vinyl sofa bed available in the market. If you are looking for an attractive, classy sofa bed for your living room, I will recommend you to give this terrific sofa set a try.

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Coaster Futon Sofa Bed with Removable Arm Rests Customer Review

Shopping furniture has always been a hard task. I always used to purchase furniture from shopping malls because you could always physically check out the products before purchasing. But with change in times I have also shifted towards online shopping as online retailers always give you great discounts and offers. This was my first furniture online purchase and it didn’t disappoint me.

Finding a sofa bed that is both elegant and comfortable is always a big challenge. I have purchased quite many futon sofa beds that look elegant but are dreadful when using. It looked so elegant in the pictures and whether it would be as comfortable as I needed. After going through couple of reviews I decided to take a risk because everyone was mentioning that the sofa bed was very comfortable to use. I do not regret purchasing this comfortable sofa. This sofa bed is indeed beautiful and very comfortable. Moreover, the brown vinyl color provides the futon a classy look. It is the best fabric one could opt for at a comparatively cheaper price.

Let us head directly to the features of the sofa I liked very much.

Extra comfy cushions: The best thing about this Futon Sofa Bed is the thick extra comfy cushions in the seats and backings of the futon. They make sitting on this sofa bed a delightful experience. Apart from normal sitting and lying down, you can also use the futon as a recliner.

Strong and durable build: Coaster Home Furnishings is one of the best sofa brands in home furnishing. So you don’t have to worry about the quality and strength of the sofa bed. The Sofa Bed also has a strong build with metal legs. So you don’t have to worry about the stability or strength of the sofa bed. Another advantage of the sofa is its removable arm rests that can be used as comfortable pillows when the futon is being used as a bed.

Compact size: Coaster Futon Sofa Bed is a ‘medium’ size sofa bed but it can easily accommodate two people in lying down position. The benefit of the medium size is that you can easily put them in small bedrooms as they only take up limited space. More importantly, the legs and pillows of the sofa bed can be stored in a zipper compartment beneath the sofa. This makes moving the sofa more convenient and easy.

Classy vinyl material: One of the main complaints about this product that I came across was about the vinyl material of the sofa. Many customers with pets complained that the vinyl material was not suited for pets as their claws left marks on the sofa. But I personally think this is genuine issue with all vinyl sofas and if you are really worried about this, you might want to consider some other sofas.

That’s it. I have taken you through the key features of the sofas. The plus points and the negative ones have been discussed. Buy it for the sleek and stylish design and the comfort.

What Next?

Coaster Futon Sofa Bed with Removable Arm Rests is worth your money. There are no major drawbacks for this product. On the other hand, the benefits are plenty. Coaster Futon Sofa Bed does not look cheap, but believe me it is. This one has meaty cushions that are very comfortable. The overall design is sturdy and easy on the eyes. The futon can be easily accommodated in limited space. And did I mention that they are cheap?

You might find more products with better comfort level. But the difference is in the price. This is the best sofa bed for that reason.

If you would like to add something about the product or disagree with our review, feel free to comment in the below section. You’re also requested to share this one with people looking for a comfortable and stylish sofa bed at an affordable cost.

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Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed Review

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed is for those frequent users of sofa bed. The ways in which you can use this sofa will awe you. This is one of the best sofa bed for travelling and sleepovers. Use it in your bed room or in living room. It will serve the purpose. Your kids will like it and so will be your family and random guests.

Comfort and material quality are the key highlights of this wonderful sofa bed. The cheaper price tag also makes this one the favorite of many people.

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Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed Review
Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed Review

The sofa is visibly just a folding mattress, but let me tell you not to be deceived by the looks. It has much more to offer. It is a dual purpose mattress which can be used as a temporary bed and also as a sofa. The diverse ways you can use this will delight everyone out there looking for a sofa bed for frequent use. The sofa bed can be your reading place or the place where your games happen. It can be used when you are going camping and even for sleeping.

The fact is very simple. This is the best sofa bed for those frequent travelers, students, kids and of course family who are looking for a compact and cheap sofa.

Features and Specifications

  • Model : Tri fold mattress and sofa bed (Sleeper Sofa)
  • Best sofa bed for college dorms, guests, kids and for travelling
  • Available Versions : Twin XL and Queen
  • Item Weight 18.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 40.5 x 11.6 x 11.6 inches
  • Removable and machine-washable soft cover makes the cleaning of the mattress fairly easy.
  • Made out of CertiPUR-US® Certified high density Foam
  • Storage Dimensions: 38″x29″x14 

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed Customer Review

We live in a small apartment. It was difficult to include a bed as it takes up a lot of space. We were looking for a sofa bed which could save our valuable space. I was worried when this one came in as it looked very thin. But, it was vacuum sealed. So don’t be worried when you get the thin sofa up on ordering. And we couldn’t have been much happier for its performance.

I used to sleep on a sleeping bag as my bedroom was small with lots of furniture. I did not use bed to conserve space. Now my problem is solved. When I needed it can be used as a comfortable sofa. And when I want to sleep just unfold it and there it is as a wonderful bed. It can also be tucked away neatly in the closet when not in need. I am sure this will delight most of you.

This one is the best mattress/sofa I could possibly have. It is not just comfortable and soft, it’s firm. I’m greatly amazed by the strength of the mattress. I only sank to the floor when I used all my weight on a knee or when I stood on it, thanks to the high density foam used in the mattress.

There are some reviews saying its firmer than what they expected. I would say that it is firm enough so that you can use it for a long time, without compromising the comfort level of the user.

I chose this product as it seemed to be more durable. I’ve been sleeping on it for about some time now as it is really comfortable. As I prefer a slightly softer bed I bought a mattress topper for it. Now am perfectly happy with it. And the fabric is tough and durable. The seat is also well made.

I will definitely recommend this for a den, loft, kids room and student dorms. They can use it all the time and get it dirty. But as it has a removable and washable cover it is easy to clean. The firmness of the mattress is great. When we had guests we used it as sofa. The removable cover zips off and can be easily washed which makes it even more interesting. When I go for camping I keep this sofa bed in the back of my van.  I unfold it and use it as a sofa during the day and when I want to sleep, I just unfold it completely and use it as a firm bed.

This sofa is made from high density foam so that bed doesn’t sag and is light.  This makes it easier for transporting the bed. It also comes with a machine washable soft cover, which could be easily removed. The firm, but comfortable mattress will last longer than you think. For me this is the best feature this great sofa.

Finally, this is the best multipurpose sofa / mattress I have ever used. The foam used in the mattress is consistent throughout the mattress. I do absolutely believe that it is my best purchase.

Pros and Cons


  • Ideal Bed For students and kids
  • Best for camping and sleepovers
  • Comfortable and easy to use sofa
  • Washable covers make it neat
  • Durable and doesn’t bottom out easily
  • The cheap price tag makes this sofa bed a great buy


  • For some people, it is firmer than expected. It is advised that only those who need firm bed go for this sofa bed.
  • Takes lot of space, if your space is very very narrow.

Who Should Consider Buying Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed?: This mattress cum sofa bed is best suitable for those who want to use it frequently. With the firm material and comfort level, this is the best sofa bed for students and travelers. If there are kids in your home, you can consider buying this. They will love to be in this mattress sofa bed.

Still confused?

I will strongly recommend you to go through the sofa buying guide which will help you to find out the best sofa for your needs.

What Next?

For me this is the best sleeper sofa choice you could possibly have if you are looking for something compact or if your space is limited.  The pros I have listed above really stands out. If you’re a person who is looking for a folding mattress and sofa bed together, you should have a look at this one.

It’s just amazing. A bed when you want to sleep. And a comfortable sofa, when you need one.

I hope I have taken you through almost all aspects of this sofa. A review won’t be complete without asking the readers their opinion. If I have missed any valuable points, do tell me. If you still have any doubts regarding this sleeper sofa, share it in the comment section.

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Coaster Alexis Transitional Chesterfield Sofa in Charcoal Review

Ever feel that your house is lacking something sparks, which sticks apart and draws all gaze towards it? Sometimes all you need is to bring that extra element to make a stunning impression to your home. We always try to select something which stands out from others in elegance and style. Coaster Alexis Transitional Chesterfield Sofa in Charcoal is one such solution- an extra element that makes your living room fabulous.

Coaster Alexis Transitional Chesterfield Sofa in Charcoal Review : Best Stylish Sofa at an Incredible Price
Coaster Alexis Transitional Chesterfield Sofa in Charcoal Review review, pros and cons and specifications

It’s easy to select the best furniture when it comes to a wardrobe. But it’s a herculean task when it comes to furnishing our homes. But, as said above, Coaster Alexis has come up with one of the best sectional sofa, at an affordable cost to bring up that extra spark to your home.


  • Low pile chenille
  • Fully reversible seat cushions
  • Item Weight 128 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 86 x 35 x 32.5 inches
  • Pillows included
  • Available Colors : almond and charcoal
  • Frame : Kiln dried hardwood frame

Coaster Alexis Transitional Chesterfield Sofa in Charcoal Customer Review

I recently moved out from my parent’s home and got an apartment of my own. I wanted everything on my apartment to be stylish and trendy but I needed things which fit right into my budget. I was in search for the perfect sofa for my living room. As you can guess nothing which impressed me came in a price which I could afford. But I was not ready to settle for anything ordinary or boring. It is the sofa we first thing notice when we enter into a living room. It can’t be a just for the name sake.

I really liked this sofa bed when I saw it’s pictures for the first time. When I further looked into it – the features and specifications, I realized that it was the best sofa for me.

Again I was not so sure about the size of the sofa according to the price (remember this is a sectional sofa) I expected something much smaller and ugly. But this sofa is big and can fit 4 people easily.

I never believed that a nice velvet couch would come in such a small price so I was expecting a couch with some problems, which I will have to face sooner or later. But nothing bad happened till now and I am quiet happy. Velvet is a material which almost all of us like. It’s soft and at the same time its warm and nothing can get better than that. Apart from the softness and warmth the it always gives a unique look which nothing else can replace. If you think of a couch made of velvet it will be the perfect addition to your home. It can be that extra element which makes a style statement.

I have to tell you that the sofa was bit heavy. I had to take it into my apartment all by myself. That was a heavy task for me. Finally when I opened the box I was amazed to see the beautiful sectional sofa. It was perfect. No damages nothing. An exact replica of what I saw in the website. I was so happy. The velvet gave it a nice classy look and it was the best sofa I ever had.

The material of the sofa is so comfortable. It’s nice color and low pile micro velvet’s ultra soft look and feel makes it much desirable. It was a delight sitting on it after the assembly. To my luck, I found the perfect place for the couch in my living room and placed it there.

The seat cushions of the sofa are so comfortable and they have been fluffed up nicely. Comfort and fluffiness is available in so many sofas but the option to reverse the cushions is available for only a few and this sofa s one of them.

The sofa has got a low tapered wood leg which completes the look. The sofa has got two cylindrical lumbar pillows with it to make it more comfortable. The seat cushions are so comfortable and fluffy and they will blow your mind. Along with good looks comfort is also our top priority which is something we will never compromise with. Moreover, the seat cushions are reversible and you can use it on either side.

Along with the sofa we get two cylindrical pillows which are nice and fluffy and contribute a nice look to the sofa too. The soda is of charcoal color and looks so sophisticated.

The sectional sofa has got low tapered wood legs which not only contributes to the good looks but also gives a strong support to stand on. The wood legs also give a nice finishing touch to the sofa. It comes with a couple of cylindrical lumbar pillows which gives an extra comfort to the people sitting on the sofa. The sofa has got a tufted back which looks absolutely stunning. It can be called as one of the best sectional sofa available on a moderate budget. That is basically the key highlight of this home furniture.

Over all this sofa is a very good product and I am very much satisfied with it.

Is This a Great Purchase?

The coaster Alexis transitional chesterfield sofa in Charcoal is very much reasonable for its price. The sofa with its elegant looks will steal your eyes within seconds that too without compromising your comfort level.

The sofa is equipped with reversible seat cushions which are so fluffy and comfortable. But if you are tall you would not feel that comfortable and your leg won’t fit properly.Apart from that its a great choice for a comfortable sofa.

DHP Emily Convertible Futon, Vanilla Review

Keep all your doubts apart! DHP Emily Convertible Futon, without any doubt, is the most stylish and best sleeper sofa on budget. With regard to its design and aura, this sofa has no competition. The stunning look coupled with the affordable price tag make this one a great buy. I am very happy with the sofa in my last one year of association with it. This review is to help other customers understand how good this sofa is and how to use it for the maximum outcome. Most importantly this is an attempt to share my joy and happiness of using this Emily Convertible Futon from DHP.

DHP Emily Convertible Futon, Vanilla

Dorel Home Products or DHP is one of the best sofa brands which produces good quality sofas for small rooms. It is a company that understands how to furnish our homes in style without draining our bank accounts. They have made sure the same with this wonderful futon also.

This is the best sofa bed for college students, kids and family who use sofa for temporary purposes. I think Emily Futon will be a great asset in your home when few guests make a visit. Undoubtedly it is the price and the sleek and stylish design that make this futon the favorite of many households.

I reckon most people know this, but they are making a search for Emily Convertible Splitback futon review just to confirm whether they have made the right choice or not. Just like you! For those people, I will suggest you to go on and buy the this fabulous sofa. It won’t disappoint you.

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DHP Emily Convertible Futon, Vanilla Customer Review

This pull down sofa couch comes in four terrific color variants – Black, Gray, Navy Linen and Vanilla. Though all these variants are great, it was the Vanilla futon which caught my eyes. May be it suit the best to my living room. Even before starting the review, let me tell you about a not so seen feature in this sofa bed. This split-back sofa sleeper features rich, water resistant faux-leather which wipes clean and sleek. This makes the cleaning part less cumbersome. Another important feature I loved is the simple way to use the sofa. One can convert it from chaise to sleeper sofa very easily.

I was newly independent girl, fresh out of college. I had to move to a city far from my hometown for the job I got. It has been always my dream to move out of the home and a make a home of my own.  And finding and furnishing the apartment on my own is the best part of it. Finding a good studio apartment was easy for me but the furnishing part was so difficult. Leaving home is always expensive and I didn’t have money to waste. Managing the money well is the best foundation to living independently but i wasn’t ready to compromise on quality and wanted everything to be perfect too. That’s when I decided to buy a cheap, attractive and long lasting sofa for my living space and opted for DHP Emily Convertible Futon, Vanilla.

The futon has been my close friend since then. I sat on it. I slept on it. It was my studying arena. Even the guests used it and they too loved it.

High End Look at a Cheaper Rate : This sofa looks fabulous. Have to give it a five star for the appearance. It did not just add to the aesthetics, but also brought a whole new vibe to my living room. For the price of this futon, I’m honestly floored by the quality.

Beautiful Fabric : The fabric of DHP Emily Convertible Futon is sturdy, firm (which is good because often futons will start to sag with use), and it has the best fabric which looks much more expensive than it is. Remember, the fabric varies from one variant to other. I was looking for a piece that sets itself apart from all the usual sofas that we see in the everyday life and this sofa exactly served the purpose. The leather covering is very thin .You can almost feel it with your finger. If you have a pet at your place then keep them away from the sofa. A dog sitting on it for five minutes could ruin it for you.

Comfortable Cushioning : The cushioning is made of high-density polyester and foam for a firm mattress, making it both stylish and and bit hard. Well it resembles the one in the movie theaters and is a far cry from being called hard. Remember, this sofa is for those who want to use it for temporary purpose. If you want to use it permanently you could use some of your pillows and a mattress to add to the cushioning of your choice.

I watch TV sitting on it and it feels extremely comfortable. Once I spilled a whole glass apple juice over it. I freaked out absolutely. But it wasn’t something to worry about as I found out later that since the sofa is water resistant I could easily wiped it out clean. This exciting feature saves you a lot of unnecessary worry and concern if you know what I mean.

Assembling of DHP Emily Convertible Futon : The setting up process is very easy to comprehend and implement. It is just simple assembly, but no rocket science. I took less than 10 minutes to set up my Emily Convertible Futon. The sofa can swiftly be converted to a lounger or sleeper. It is adequately light weighted so you can move it around effortlessly around your bedroom.

Ease of Use : It easily changes from sofa, to lounger and sleeper with its multi position back and click clack technology. It is a bonus for me as I can accommodate an extra person or two when needed without having to share my bed. All i need to do is to add a few pillows and a mattress for extra comfort . The cushioning is made of high-density polyester and foam for a firm.

Clearance from the Floor : Legs of the Futon are located inside the bottom of the futon.There is a 9 inch clearance height and 25 inch depth beneath the sofa more than enough place to store a lot of your things underneath. Saves a lot of space for me. This little sofa sleeper is best for small spaces, apartments, guest bedrooms or just lounging in the living room.

Let me summarize it for you! For anything up to $250 DHP Emily futon is the best sofa in the lot. It delivers far beyond its price. It is very versatile and adapts suitably with all your purposes. The cushioning is a little firm so you might want consider laying your mattresses and pillows which would solve this small issue. The sofa is meant for medium use and you have to be reasonable in your expectations about its reliability for long term use for such a low price. I would last a long time if you ensure proper and smooth use.

DHP Emily Convertible Futon Pros and Cons


  • Stylish and the Best budget sofa bed
  • Best option for small space living rooms and studio apartments.
  • One of the best multipurpose and durable sofa
  • Compact and sleek design make it stylish


  • Can not be used for sleeping permanently

DHP Emily Convertible Futon, Vanilla Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are the fabrics? 
    I bought the vanilla version and it’s faux leather. As per DHP, black is also of faux leather and all other variants are linen.
  • Is it a twin or full size?
    A little bigger than twin but smaller than full size.
  • What is the measurement from the floor to the base of the futon? 
    The lowest point (edges) is about 12 inches. The highest point (middle) is about 13 inches. There is some room for storage, if that’w what your main concern. You can even store few items under the futon.

What Next?

You can go for DHP Emily Convertible Futon for it’s High end looks and the low end price.  For the price is great I would buy it again. It’s an amazing looking cheap sofa bed that looks more expensive that it is. It is very versatile and adapts suitably with the requirements of a small living space. There is no competition on budget for this fabulous sofa. If you are happy with the what I had said, this wonderful sofa deserves to be in your home decor.

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You’re welcome to share your opinions and queries in the comment section. Share this among your peers to let them know about Emily

DHP Delaney Splitback Futon Compact Modern Design Review

Forget about the old, boring couches and bring home the contemporary style that would define you with DHP Delaney Splitback Futon Compact Modern Design. This Delaney Futon Sofa bed is a perfect solution to furnish your guest room at an affordable cost. The two color variants – the black and brown are equipped with elegant looks and comfort providing features which will make you go crazy. White stitches are used in this futon. The contrast stitching gives it a contemporary and stylish look and takes out the typical “futon “look.

DHP Delaney Splitback Futon Compact Modern Design, Black

It would make any room in your home stylish. Be that your living room, guest room or bedroom, the DHP Delaney Splitback Futon Compact Modern Design will be a perfect addition.

The manufacturers of made sure that it’s not only a stylish sofa to showcase, but also highly comfortable one. The cushions at the back and the seat cushions are filled with comfortable foam to meet the heights of customer expectations and we can clearly see that they have succeeded in their attempt.

Want to Know the Price and What Other Customers Say? Visit Here

DHP Delaney Splitback Futon Compact Modern Design, Black Customer Review

I am a college student. For the past couple of months I was in search of the perfect futon that fits my dorm room and my friend recommended Delaney Futon Sofa bed.

I ordered the futon online and it was delivered within a couple of days. Its assembly was pretty easy and I completed the easy process within an hour. You should consider the fact that I didn’t have any previous experience in it. The tools were provided by the manufacturer. I was worried about the condition of the parts when I read other reviews but cheers to my luck I got a perfect piece.

I am a careless person the 3 year drops and spill protection for an additional $16.99 is like a boon to me. Its contrast stitching gives it a cool look and looks really good in my dorm room.

It’s nice that it’s convertible from a couch to a sleeper although I wouldn’t prefer sleeping on it considering my past experience. Last time a nap in the futon gave me an unpleasant experience and I was not that comfortable. But it really feels great to sit on it. The seat cushions are so great. I love it. The back cushions also provide a soothing experience. I never thought I could buy such a comfortable futon for such a low price.

It’s nice that we can separate this futon as use it as per our convenience. My roommate and I often put a table between the two portions to play board games. Sometimes we even use it as bed if there are any guests. It’s nice to have the small space underneath to store small things. We put all sorts of things in there.

Even though it’s comfortable sometimes the fake leather really bothers me when it sticks on to me especially on a humid day. But it’s nothing a blanket cannot solve. The thing that makes a nap in the DHP Delaney uncomfortable is the hinges for the back cushion. It is placed right on the middle which makes us uncomfortable while lying down.

I saw some reviews claiming that the material gets damaged really quickly. I have been using this futon for a couple of months and I have had no experience of such sort. Some reviews shows that the futon does not provide that much comfort when we are lying down as the hinges are on the middle portion. I would recommend choosing a particular side rather than lying on the middle portion so that you can avoid the hinges.

Overall DHP Delaney splitback futon compact modern design futon is very good and reasonable for the price. I really liked it.

What Next?

DHP Delaney splitback futon compact modern design futon is a real winner at such a low price. Sure it has some tiny drawbacks but it’s a great asset for such a low price.

Delaney splitblack futon is very stylish and elegant in its design. Its contrast stitching makes it trendy and contemporary. Its compact in design and it has extra bedding which makes it more comfortable. The back cushions as well as the seat cushions are very much comfortable. Its makers have taken detailed care to make it as comfortable as possible.

As it’s a convertible it will be a good addition to your guest room as well as any other room in your home. It gives a good contemporary look to your room. It is also a good gift as it is available on a low rate.

Buy this Delaney sofa sleeper for your seating requirements. Keep it in your living room and make your guests happy. This is the best sofa for the guest room at an affordable budget.

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DHP Lodge Futon Review – Best Sofa for Small Rooms

We all know how good has been DHP in the small and stylish futon market.  Their good quality futons for small apartments and studios make them the favorite when it comes to futons. The inexpensive and stylish DHP Lodge Futon is yet another addition to their fabulous array of sofa beds. Without any doubt, Lodge futon is a terrific addition to your home decor. People who are looking for a comfortable sofa bed for their kids or guests can consider having Lodge Futon.

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This is a modern microfiber futon which is available in black, brown, red and charcoal colors. The easy cleaning mechanism, advanced click clack folding technology and the affordable price tag is the highlight of this great futon.  I bought the sofa six months ago. Let me tell you ; the six months have been awesome. I can tell you happily that every penny I spent on this sofa bed is worth it. Is it the best sofa futon? Yes, it is. It is the best sleeper sofa at a cheap price tag. If your budgets are limited and you want something special, I will recommend you this DHP Futon.  The quality and the performance of this sofa is such that we bestsofaas.com has added it in our list of best sofas.

DHP Lodge Futon, Black Reveiw

DHP Lodge Futon Review – The Best Futon I ever had

I was in search of a futon for my son’s room. He is in middle school. I did not want anything expensive as my son is so careless. I know the future of the futon was pretty much miserable. Said that, I could not buy something uncomfortable for him just because it was a cheap sofa. I went to so many stores, but I could not find anything comfortable for the price I had in my mind. When I discussed this with a friend of mine, she suggested DHP and she also assured a positive result. As per my friend’s advise I went through so many futons and found DHP Lodge Futon. I’m glad that I asked her, otherwise I would have ended up with some different sofa.

This sofa bed is a wonderful multipurpose futon. I bought the charcoal variant. Along with the futon, there came a new elegance to my living room. The microfiber is so nice and soft. It has got extra padded seats which makes sitting as well as sleeping very much comfortable. Its unique style will steal anybody’s heart. Don’t worry about the fabric of the sofa. The easy cleaning mechanism helps you clean the futon pretty easily. The tufted design and the microfiber upholstery gives it a contemporary sectional style.

The futon is specially designed for those small spaces in your home but also fits right in any room decor. The futon can be easily convertible to a lounge or a sleeper as per your wish. If you think about it, it’s the perfect piece for a dorm room. The futon is equipped with easy click-clack mechanism which makes the conversion of futon from sofa to sleeper easier. The sofa and the mattress are in one piece. That means you’re just one click away from one position to another one. It’s as easy as that.

I ordered the product through online and it was delivered in a couple of days. Its assembly had to be done by myself. Except the screws on the legs, all other assembling was already done. So I didn’t have to put much effort in assembling it. The legs and the screws were provided in a zipper bag. I took hardly 10 minutes for setting up the futon and using it for the first time. The futon is light weight and was protected well in the package during delivery. The edges of the futon can be placed down. For that Velcro strips are provided. The couch is a bit firm but it is not uncomfortable.

As said above, one of the main advantages of this couch is that it can be cleaned easily. What else can be perfect for a boy’s room, who still cannot eat without spilling?

The futon can withstand pretty decent amount of weight. Yes I’m talking about my 15 year old son and the occasional guests. You’re not supposed to put lot of weight on it.  The material is so soft and the padding of the futon is just fine as for now I am not sure about the future though.

Video Review

Sometimes it is very easy to watch the review rather than reading the lengthy articles. So, here s the video review of Lodge Futon. In this review the main features, pros and cons and customer reviews of the futon are covered. Please watch it below.

What’s Next? Interested in the Futon?

I would say that this is a great buy for those who are looking for a cheap and quality sofa bed. But you should be realistic in your expectation. When I talk about “quality” here, I am considering temporary purposes, kids and children only. If this is your requirement, I assure you that you will not get anything better at such a cheap price. The charcoal colored futon is very good looking. Other colors are also nice. Buy the color variant that suits to your room and preference. The tufted design of the futon enhances its contemporary look.

I was surprised to find the advanced click clack mechanism and easy cleaning features in this sofa. Never expected great features like those in a cheap sofa bed like this. This is where DHP stands apart from other best sofa brands.

That’s it. Now it’s your turn to have this wonderful futon in your home. Share your opinion in the comment section.  If you’ve anything to ask, please leave a reply and I will reach to you as soon as possible.

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