DHP Emily Convertible Futon, Vanilla Review

Keep all your doubts apart! DHP Emily Convertible Futon, without any doubt, is the most stylish and best sleeper sofa on budget. With regard to its design and aura, this sofa has no competition. The stunning look coupled with the affordable price tag make this one a great buy. I am very happy with the sofa in my last one year of association with it. This review is to help other customers understand how good this sofa is and how to use it for the maximum outcome. Most importantly this is an attempt to share my joy and happiness of using this Emily Convertible Futon from DHP.

DHP Emily Convertible Futon, Vanilla

Dorel Home Products or DHP is one of the best sofa brands which produces good quality sofas for small rooms. It is a company that understands how to furnish our homes in style without draining our bank accounts. They have made sure the same with this wonderful futon also.

This is the best sofa bed for college students, kids and family who use sofa for temporary purposes. I think Emily Futon will be a great asset in your home when few guests make a visit. Undoubtedly it is the price and the sleek and stylish design that make this futon the favorite of many households.

I reckon most people know this, but they are making a search for Emily Convertible Splitback futon review just to confirm whether they have made the right choice or not. Just like you! For those people, I will suggest you to go on and buy the this fabulous sofa. It won’t disappoint you.

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DHP Emily Convertible Futon, Vanilla Customer Review

This pull down sofa couch comes in four terrific color variants – Black, Gray, Navy Linen and Vanilla. Though all these variants are great, it was the Vanilla futon which caught my eyes. May be it suit the best to my living room. Even before starting the review, let me tell you about a not so seen feature in this sofa bed. This split-back sofa sleeper features rich, water resistant faux-leather which wipes clean and sleek. This makes the cleaning part less cumbersome. Another important feature I loved is the simple way to use the sofa. One can convert it from chaise to sleeper sofa very easily.

I was newly independent girl, fresh out of college. I had to move to a city far from my hometown for the job I got. It has been always my dream to move out of the home and a make a home of my own.  And finding and furnishing the apartment on my own is the best part of it. Finding a good studio apartment was easy for me but the furnishing part was so difficult. Leaving home is always expensive and I didn’t have money to waste. Managing the money well is the best foundation to living independently but i wasn’t ready to compromise on quality and wanted everything to be perfect too. That’s when I decided to buy a cheap, attractive and long lasting sofa for my living space and opted for DHP Emily Convertible Futon, Vanilla.

The futon has been my close friend since then. I sat on it. I slept on it. It was my studying arena. Even the guests used it and they too loved it.

High End Look at a Cheaper Rate : This sofa looks fabulous. Have to give it a five star for the appearance. It did not just add to the aesthetics, but also brought a whole new vibe to my living room. For the price of this futon, I’m honestly floored by the quality.

Beautiful Fabric : The fabric of DHP Emily Convertible Futon is sturdy, firm (which is good because often futons will start to sag with use), and it has the best fabric which looks much more expensive than it is. Remember, the fabric varies from one variant to other. I was looking for a piece that sets itself apart from all the usual sofas that we see in the everyday life and this sofa exactly served the purpose. The leather covering is very thin .You can almost feel it with your finger. If you have a pet at your place then keep them away from the sofa. A dog sitting on it for five minutes could ruin it for you.

Comfortable Cushioning : The cushioning is made of high-density polyester and foam for a firm mattress, making it both stylish and and bit hard. Well it resembles the one in the movie theaters and is a far cry from being called hard. Remember, this sofa is for those who want to use it for temporary purpose. If you want to use it permanently you could use some of your pillows and a mattress to add to the cushioning of your choice.

I watch TV sitting on it and it feels extremely comfortable. Once I spilled a whole glass apple juice over it. I freaked out absolutely. But it wasn’t something to worry about as I found out later that since the sofa is water resistant I could easily wiped it out clean. This exciting feature saves you a lot of unnecessary worry and concern if you know what I mean.

Assembling of DHP Emily Convertible Futon : The setting up process is very easy to comprehend and implement. It is just simple assembly, but no rocket science. I took less than 10 minutes to set up my Emily Convertible Futon. The sofa can swiftly be converted to a lounger or sleeper. It is adequately light weighted so you can move it around effortlessly around your bedroom.

Ease of Use : It easily changes from sofa, to lounger and sleeper with its multi position back and click clack technology. It is a bonus for me as I can accommodate an extra person or two when needed without having to share my bed. All i need to do is to add a few pillows and a mattress for extra comfort . The cushioning is made of high-density polyester and foam for a firm.

Clearance from the Floor : Legs of the Futon are located inside the bottom of the futon.There is a 9 inch clearance height and 25 inch depth beneath the sofa more than enough place to store a lot of your things underneath. Saves a lot of space for me. This little sofa sleeper is best for small spaces, apartments, guest bedrooms or just lounging in the living room.

Let me summarize it for you! For anything up to $250 DHP Emily futon is the best sofa in the lot. It delivers far beyond its price. It is very versatile and adapts suitably with all your purposes. The cushioning is a little firm so you might want consider laying your mattresses and pillows which would solve this small issue. The sofa is meant for medium use and you have to be reasonable in your expectations about its reliability for long term use for such a low price. I would last a long time if you ensure proper and smooth use.

DHP Emily Convertible Futon Pros and Cons


  • Stylish and the Best budget sofa bed
  • Best option for small space living rooms and studio apartments.
  • One of the best multipurpose and durable sofa
  • Compact and sleek design make it stylish


  • Can not be used for sleeping permanently

DHP Emily Convertible Futon, Vanilla Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are the fabrics? 
    I bought the vanilla version and it’s faux leather. As per DHP, black is also of faux leather and all other variants are linen.
  • Is it a twin or full size?
    A little bigger than twin but smaller than full size.
  • What is the measurement from the floor to the base of the futon? 
    The lowest point (edges) is about 12 inches. The highest point (middle) is about 13 inches. There is some room for storage, if that’w what your main concern. You can even store few items under the futon.

What Next?

You can go for DHP Emily Convertible Futon for it’s High end looks and the low end price.  For the price is great I would buy it again. It’s an amazing looking cheap sofa bed that looks more expensive that it is. It is very versatile and adapts suitably with the requirements of a small living space. There is no competition on budget for this fabulous sofa. If you are happy with the what I had said, this wonderful sofa deserves to be in your home decor.

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