DHP Lodge Futon Review – Best Sofa for Small Rooms

We all know how good has been DHP in the small and stylish futon market.  Their good quality futons for small apartments and studios make them the favorite when it comes to futons. The inexpensive and stylish DHP Lodge Futon is yet another addition to their fabulous array of sofa beds. Without any doubt, Lodge futon is a terrific addition to your home decor. People who are looking for a comfortable sofa bed for their kids or guests can consider having Lodge Futon.

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This is a modern microfiber futon which is available in black, brown, red and charcoal colors. The easy cleaning mechanism, advanced click clack folding technology and the affordable price tag is the highlight of this great futon.  I bought the sofa six months ago. Let me tell you ; the six months have been awesome. I can tell you happily that every penny I spent on this sofa bed is worth it. Is it the best sofa futon? Yes, it is. It is the best sleeper sofa at a cheap price tag. If your budgets are limited and you want something special, I will recommend you this DHP Futon.  The quality and the performance of this sofa is such that we bestsofaas.com has added it in our list of best sofas.

DHP Lodge Futon, Black Reveiw

DHP Lodge Futon Review – The Best Futon I ever had

I was in search of a futon for my son’s room. He is in middle school. I did not want anything expensive as my son is so careless. I know the future of the futon was pretty much miserable. Said that, I could not buy something uncomfortable for him just because it was a cheap sofa. I went to so many stores, but I could not find anything comfortable for the price I had in my mind. When I discussed this with a friend of mine, she suggested DHP and she also assured a positive result. As per my friend’s advise I went through so many futons and found DHP Lodge Futon. I’m glad that I asked her, otherwise I would have ended up with some different sofa.

This sofa bed is a wonderful multipurpose futon. I bought the charcoal variant. Along with the futon, there came a new elegance to my living room. The microfiber is so nice and soft. It has got extra padded seats which makes sitting as well as sleeping very much comfortable. Its unique style will steal anybody’s heart. Don’t worry about the fabric of the sofa. The easy cleaning mechanism helps you clean the futon pretty easily. The tufted design and the microfiber upholstery gives it a contemporary sectional style.

The futon is specially designed for those small spaces in your home but also fits right in any room decor. The futon can be easily convertible to a lounge or a sleeper as per your wish. If you think about it, it’s the perfect piece for a dorm room. The futon is equipped with easy click-clack mechanism which makes the conversion of futon from sofa to sleeper easier. The sofa and the mattress are in one piece. That means you’re just one click away from one position to another one. It’s as easy as that.

I ordered the product through online and it was delivered in a couple of days. Its assembly had to be done by myself. Except the screws on the legs, all other assembling was already done. So I didn’t have to put much effort in assembling it. The legs and the screws were provided in a zipper bag. I took hardly 10 minutes for setting up the futon and using it for the first time. The futon is light weight and was protected well in the package during delivery. The edges of the futon can be placed down. For that Velcro strips are provided. The couch is a bit firm but it is not uncomfortable.

As said above, one of the main advantages of this couch is that it can be cleaned easily. What else can be perfect for a boy’s room, who still cannot eat without spilling?

The futon can withstand pretty decent amount of weight. Yes I’m talking about my 15 year old son and the occasional guests. You’re not supposed to put lot of weight on it.  The material is so soft and the padding of the futon is just fine as for now I am not sure about the future though.

Video Review

Sometimes it is very easy to watch the review rather than reading the lengthy articles. So, here s the video review of Lodge Futon. In this review the main features, pros and cons and customer reviews of the futon are covered. Please watch it below.

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I would say that this is a great buy for those who are looking for a cheap and quality sofa bed. But you should be realistic in your expectation. When I talk about “quality” here, I am considering temporary purposes, kids and children only. If this is your requirement, I assure you that you will not get anything better at such a cheap price. The charcoal colored futon is very good looking. Other colors are also nice. Buy the color variant that suits to your room and preference. The tufted design of the futon enhances its contemporary look.

I was surprised to find the advanced click clack mechanism and easy cleaning features in this sofa. Never expected great features like those in a cheap sofa bed like this. This is where DHP stands apart from other best sofa brands.

That’s it. Now it’s your turn to have this wonderful futon in your home. Share your opinion in the comment section.  If you’ve anything to ask, please leave a reply and I will reach to you as soon as possible.

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