5 Best Small Sofa Beds for Small Spaces and Living Rooms

People living in compact apartments and home always look for small sofa beds to create a comfortable stay for the family and guests. It’s common sense that every sofa will not fit every home. So we must be wise enough to choose one that fits our home perfectly. Choosing the perfect sofa is not about choosing the grand or big one. It is about how well it fits your home.

Small sofa beds for small spaces

The comfortable and small sofa beds are great decor to small spaces

Normal sleeper sofa consumes a large amount of space and finding one for a small living area is a pretty hard task. But no need to worry! We are about to help you with that. Remember! It’s not about how much space you have, it’s about how you use it. So let’s dust up that brain of your’s and start learning something to get the best sofa for your small living spaces.

In a Hurry? See our favorite small sofa beds listed below: 

ImageSofa NameFeaturesbestsofaas.com
Expert Rating
DHP Emily Convertible Futon, VanillaDHP Emily Convertible Futon, Black* Stylish sofa bed for money
* Best sofa for offices and living rooms
* Comfortable cushion
DHP Lodge Futon, Black ReveiwDHP Lodge Futon, Black* Neat and stylish design
* Best sofa for kids and school dorms
* Excellent quality at cheap price
Coaster Futon Sofa Bed with Removable Arm Rests, Black Vinyl is Comfy and StylishEpic Furnishings 10-Inch Loft Innerspring Springaire Microfiber Suede/Twill Cased Futon Mattress, Full* Traditional classic look
* Best for living rooms to use as sleeper sofa bed
* Kid proof and wet proof fabric design

Before we go ahead, let’s start with a common question; Should you go for something as big as a sofa bed if you have a small living area? Hell Yes!! The reason is pretty simple. A guest room is beyond our imagination with a small living area. So going for a sofa bed rather than a regular sofa will come in handy when you have guests for a night. Now, before buying a particular thing, let it be a toothpaste or a car. One should know what type he needs and that is not something which we can avoid. Here we have summarized what are those key features you should have in small and compact sofa beds for small rooms.

What Features to Look for in Small Sofa Beds?

Sofa beds are normally pretty large in size. Let’s be frank, finding something which fits a smaller living area is an immense task to a certain extent. But when you know what you are doing, then nothing is impossible.

There are a few things that we should consider before buying a sofa bed for a small living area. Follow this right and in the end you will have the best sofa bed in your house. Here are some of those points.

Make Sure there is Free Space after Placing the Sofa Bed in your Living Area

Well, this can be one thing that is applicable not just for the acquisition of a little living space but rooms of different nature and size. Something too small or too big will not bring out the best of your living room. So keep in mind that buying something which suits the size of the living room is important. If your living area is small, find a smaller sofa bed so that you have freedom of movement.

When it comes to size looks are not the only concern. We should be ready to move the sofa without restriction or interference, even once the mattress is unrolled. So buying a sofa bed which fits well in the living room after unfolding the mattress is pretty important. You should not buy a sofa which takes the whole space of your apartment. Make sure that there are free spaces after placing the sofa bed.

As always, Get the Best Mattress for a Nice Sleep

A Sofa bed is a perfect combination for relaxation and sleep. The happiness a good night’s sleep brings is irreplaceable. So we must never compromise when it comes to the mattress in the sofa bed.

There are different options for you for mattress in a variety of price ranges. This will help in obtaining a sofa which comforts you without difficulty. So don’t go for something uncomfortable just because it is cheap.

What Budget to Look for?

Even though you can get a decent sofa bed in a moderate price, to get the perfect one you may have to spend some extra bucks. But it’s totally fine if you are on a tight budget as long as you know exactly what you need. Normally these small sofas cost lesser than the larger ones. So, this part is not an headache for most of us.

As I said, the budget decides what you will get and it’s of paramount importance. This is what you should consider while buying a sleeper sofa. So always set a budget and stick to it before you buy something. We, bestsofaas.com will suggest you to buy a best quality sofa bed. So spend some bucks in this investment so that it will last longer.

Don’t Settle with Poor Cushions

You should understand that the sofa size is less. But with a comfortable sofa cushion, you will have better comfort and more happiness. Well cushions are what determines the comfort when we sit on the sofa. So choosing the right cushions are important. Cushions are also where we rest our backs so the comfort while we sit depends exclusively on cushions.

We have different types of cushions. Their comfort levels as well as their prices vary according to the filling in the cushions. Cotton, polyester fillings even high quality foams are available in the market. Low quality fills will shrink with time and you will have a hard time sitting on it after a couple months’ use.

Give Attention to Fabric

Well a fabric is important component of a sofa bed. It decides the durability of the sofa bed. Your choice must be based on your use. If you have kids or pets, then buying something which is easily destructive is huge a waste of money. Sofa beds in small spaces like office and living area are regularly used. So, better get a fabric which will last longer.

Each type of fabric has its own properties like leather and wool that keeps you warm. Being microfiber it is easy to clean. So go for a fabric which suits your home well.

Other points to consider are:

  • If you’re buying for your office or living room, buy a matching colors. Most people often forget this.
  • Don’t settle with the quality of the sofa bed. If you’re buying for office, there are chances that people will use it often. So buy something which will last long.
  • Size (dimension) of the sofa bed can be decided based on how and who will use the sofa. Don’t just buy a small sofa, make sure that it is apt to your small apartment area.

Well, that’s all with the tips. Now let us make your work easier. We are giving you some pretty wonderful choices below.

Small Sofa Beds for Small Spaces – Our Recommendations

We have seen the tips to buy small sofa beds. Now let us tell you some of the best small sofa beds for small apartments and living rooms. The below mentioned list is arrived by our expert after tick marking all the above points. Due considerations are given to the quality of the sofas and space factor. Let’s see one by one:

DHP Emily Convertible Futon Vanilla

DHP Emily Convertible Futon, Vanilla

When we think about sleeper sofas, futons come to our mind instantly.  This DHP Convertible futon in ravishing vanilla color will blow your mind.  This sofa bed is easily the best small sofa bed for offices and small living apartments. It provides you with three options of usage : Sofa, lounge and sleeper. Its not that bad to have three advantages with one thing right?

DHP Emily is a stunner with its chrome legs and unique style. It has higher chances of being a cool addition to your living room. It’s extremely comfortable and also easily converted into a lounge or a sleeper or a sofa.

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DHP Lodge Futon Charcoal

DHP Lodge Futon, Black Reveiw

Made of microfiber, DHP Lodge Futon is another good quality small sofa bed. This is our second best quality small sofa sleeper bed. The sofa is easily cleanable and looks wonderful.  We bestsofaas.com always bring a stunner for you and this one is no different with its sophisticated looks.

It’s got a nice tufted design which will steal your mind in seconds. It is also a three in one product with the lounging, sleeping and sitting positions. It’s about charcoal color and has metal legs.

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Milirand Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress And Sofa Bed For Guests Or Floor Mat- Removable Cover

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed Review

Our third pick in best sofa beds for small reams is a multipurpose sofa. This sofa bed includes a removable cover. So all you cleanliness eccentrics out there giddy up! Here you finally have something that is washable in a machine. This is your best choice if you are regular and hectic user of the sofa. There is nothing more perfect than this Milirand sofa bed for Homes with kids.

Well, this one can also be unfolded into a full sized bed within microseconds. It’s available in stunning blue color. It’s made of high quality foam and it is perfect for small living areas.

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Coaster Futon Sofa Bed with Removable Armrests, Brown Vinyl

Just because we have a small living area, it doesn’t mean that we have to compromise the looks of our sofa bed. So here we have something which is available both in faux leather and microfiber.

The microfiber sofa is easy to clean and you know well who should buy it. But if you are a person who likes sophisticated looks of a leather sofa then go for the faux leather version. If you’re looking for a sofa bed for your living room or office, consider buying this faux leather sofa bed. You will get a classic look at an affordable cost ; a great way to impress your clients and guests!

Here have a combination of good looks and great comfort, Gear up and buy this if you want the same.

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This one is not actually a sofa bed, it’s a sofa bed mattress. As mentioned earlier, we need a good mattress for a good night’s sleep and this is one such mattress. This small mattress is for people who like the firm seating and a traditional mattress nap. This fits any type of futon frame and even metal frames.

The futon mattress is available in a stunning fourteen colors forms. So get ready to choose your favorite shade.

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Ready for the Big Purchase?

We have given you options of variety of multi-functional good designed compact sofa beds based on individual needs. With the sofas listed above, you will have both function and form should go hand in hand. These best quality sofas will give you durable designs for everyday use. What else do you want from a sofa bed for small room?

Since the beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to make a customer an expert in sofa design before buying one. I hope the tips given in the top fold of the article will get you the perfect sofa bed for your office or small sized apartment. We assure to locate multi-functional and durable sofa bed designs for you. You can follow those tips to buy the product of your own choice if you didn’t find anything good from our recommendations of small sofa beds.  With the combination of years of experience, we guess we could help you to find the right sofa bed. Enjoy your stylish and compact sofa bed! Do share your suggestions and experiences in the comment section below.

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