Who Makes the Best Quality Sofas? – Best Sofa Manufacturers of All Time

Certainly, the living rooms of our houses are a way special than the rest of the rooms. All of us care to keep it comfortable and chic all the time. There is no denial that well suited furniture brings about an air of elegance to any drawing room. And sofas being the possible largest furniture in a living room, one shouldn’t be making a mistake while buying one. The best sofas are the ones that are right for your drawing room in terms of size, function, fabric and color. There is no piece of furniture like a good sofa that can prep up the ambience of a room to whole another level. Moreover, it is true luxury to lounge on a fine sofa after with a mug of coffee when you get back home all tired from work or to curl up cozily watching television on a lazy day.

who makes the best quality sofasThe purchasing options are wide and open when it comes to sofas. But choosing one is no easy task. Some of the best sofas are of course by the top sofa brands in market. The best sofa manufacturers offer a range of sofas from simple and economical to highly expensive high-end fashion pieces. Some sofas are reclinable and there are few that come with a bed hidden underneath. Well yes, you might be actually surprised by (or even confused) by the range options that’s out there when you go sofa shopping. Here are some tips to be prepared.

How to Buy the Best Quality sofas?

With so many fascinating options open one could easily be dazed and confused, and can end up making wrong choice. Sofa being a long term investment and a costly purchase, you cannot afford to make a mistake. To avoid future regrets and to pick out the right best quality sofa, here is all you needed to know to make the best buy.

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Make up Your Mind on What You Need

More often, what want and what you need will be different things.  The mantra for the successful purchase is to pay for the one that’s absolutely best for you rather than jumping to bag the best and later regret.  To decide on the right one, you should know what your needs are. For instance, if you have kids or pets around, there are chances spills, scratches, hairs and undesirable things as such may occur occasionally and leave permanent marks if you do not opt for the right fabric.  So before you dash out to the store figure out in what size you need it to be, what fabric goes better and what style will be suitable for your home. It is easy to decide on size, shape, fabric and style if you have it in mind what purpose your sofa will serve and where it is going to be put.

Go for Sturdy Frames

One thing that ensures the longevity of any furniture is its strong sturdy frames. Hardwoods make strong and heavy frames when other materials such as plywood may become weak and wobbly in time. Sturdy frames ensure your sofa stays in shape and retain its stability for a long time. Make sure the joints of the frames are both glued and screwed into place. Most quality furniture has legs as part of the frame itself.  To judge a sofa by its frame, lift up one corner or leg of the sofa about 15cm and see if other leg is still touching the floor. If it is, it means the frame is weak. You better not sign up for it.

Be Wise about Cushions and Springs

The comfort, support and durability of sofas depend largely on cushions and springs. There is much choice of variations available in this field.  Generally most cushions have polyurethane foam for fillings.  Dacron foam is a quality option. Denser the foam guarantees better cushions.  Cushions that sag when you sit on them won’t make a good buy.  The eight-way spring system is the most recommended when it comes to decide on springs. Another is sinuous spring construction which the most sofas sport. Drop in coils are another alternative system. Generally speaking, you can go for the sofas that are comfortably comfy to sit on and doesn’t swag or squeak when seated.

Pick the Right Fabric

Considering the long term use and everyday utility, the best fabric for a sofa are the ones that are durable. Wool and leather are aesthetically pleasing and expensive. Silk is elegant but fragile. Linen and cotton are fine fabrics as long as there are no loose weaves. Synthetic microfiber is stain resistant and durable. It is advisable to use Synthetic microfiber fabrics if you see chances of inevitable stain and stench by your little ones. The good news is, it can mimic most of the fabric meaning you. Meaning you would not have to compromise on the looks. Cotton and linen can also be used as it is washable, but sometimes the stains and stenches are hard to be washed off.

Who Makes the Best Quality Sofas?

Once you have figured out what kind sofa can meet your needs and be the best one for you, you can fearlessly go on shopping. Given below are top brands which are known for their best quality sofas. Most of these brands offer a variety of sofas in terms of type, size, fabric and utility. These brands are totally trustable and worth the money you will be spending. Moreover, sticking to these best sofa brands will save you time, money and the remorse after the purchase.

1.     Coaster

One of the best in the field, this brand is in market with an excellent collection of sofas. A variety of sofas ranging from well-designed classic to elegant and stylish contemporary sofas are sold by coaster.  Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary Sleeper in dark brown, Coaster Samuel Collection Cream Leather Sofa, Coaster Colton Sofa Brown etc are few of the best-selling quality sofas by coasters.

2.     Homelegance

Homelegance is another well-known furniture brand making best quality sofas.  Some of their best sofas include Homelegence 8500BLK-3 Double reclining sofa, Chesterfield Traditional Style Sofa with Tufting, Homelegence 9668BRW-3 Double Reclining sofa in Brown Bonded eather, Sofa Catlina EL-5649F-3, Ahmont 96393 Sofa in dark gray linen fabric etc.

3.     DHP

Another name well associated with best sofa is DHP.  This brand sells some of the most stylish and elegant sofas that are in trend now. Their best sofas are DHP Paxson linen Futon in grey, DHP Belle Revolution Convertible Sleeper Futon, DHP Mica Futon in Black, Rome Futon in Brown, DHP Modern Kent Convertible Sofa Futon in rich black etc.

4.     IKEA

Another brand that won’t let you down and guarantees comfort, quality and style.  IKEA Kivik 3 Seater, IKEA Kivik Sofa Bed, IKEA Ektorp Corner Sofa, Klippan Love seat,  Kivik Chaise Lounge  are few of their well demanded sofas to mention a few. You would be surprised to see the variety of collection IKEA has in store for you.

5.     Minotti

This brand offers some of the best sofas guaranteed on quality and goodness. Above all, it wouldn’t be     exaggerated it one calls a Minotti sofa a work of art. Yes, you what I am talking about. Their top collections include Alison Irko Indoor, Allen, Anderson Slim 90, Collar, Dubuffet, Hamilton Islands etc.

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